CXPA's Guide to Showing Return on Investment

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CXPA's Guide to Showing Return on Investment

Establishing return on investment is a critical success factor for any Customer Experience initiative. This is both true for launching any Customer Experience activities, as well as for keeping these activities sustained in the longer term. 

Customer Experience professionals must be able to identify how their efforts are contributing to the success of the organization. CX professionals must be able to identify, measure, track, and report the return on investment of their efforts. We must be able to clearly present the link between our efforts and the business results. 

Overall a positive return on investment will result in a reduction in the cost to serve, or the cost to sell. As well as an increase in revenue, taking into consideration existing customers as well as new customers.


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Jonathan Daniels, CCXP

Jonathan Daniels, CCXP is the author of The Customer Experience Playbook. The Customer Experience Playbook offers a framework for Customer Experience Governance (CX CENTRIC), as well as a four-step proces for leading Customer-Centric Transformations (ICON). He is the founder and director of CX Brussels, a networking platform for Customer Experience Professionals, and he also runs a monthly global interactive CX Discussion.

Jonathan Daniels, CCXP, CXPA Member



Whitepaper Customer Experience (CX) Metrics and Key Performance Indicators, a Whitepaper presented by Jeff Griebeler. This guide has been written for the business leader or analyst who would like to identify or measure those critical CX measurement points that provide feedback on the health and success of a CX initiative. This guide is intended to familiarize you with important CX measurements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) along with providing a definition and a method to calculate their value to your business. In many respects, this could be considered a dictionary of CX KPIs. 

Whitepaper Five practices that Improve the Business Impact of Research from Qualtrics, Very clear actionable tips for demonstrating ROI with impact. 

How to Measure the Customer Experience, by Ian Golding. Very nice article splitting measurement up into three key areas: Voice of Customer, Voice of Employee, and Voice of Process. Then giving clear principles on how we should measure, and a strategy for being able to predict the business impact of improving the Customer Experience. 

Whitepaper Quantifying the ROI of CX by CXPA and West Monroe Partners.

This paper is concise but very rich, and includes a useful example of a balanced scorecard which is well presented. 


Podcast One Size Doesn't Fit All: Determining the Right CX Success Metrics for Your Organization  @18mins, Rachael's thoughts on creating ownership and connectedness with a corporate metric; @ 20mins, Bob shares his thoughts on how everyone has a role to play in the customer's experience, they just need to know what their role is; @22mins Greg talking about ROI, and getting to a 3 digit ROI by investing in Customer Experience.


Template Metrics for Customer Experience Management by Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP. This is a very interesting blog post, giving the context and background to the CX ROI discussion.
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