CXPA’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

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CXPA’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

The future is now. It’s already here. While multiple technological advancements are impacting the profession of customer experience (CX), there is one that could ultimately change the game for good – artificial intelligence (AI) or as some might say Augmented Intelligence. Understanding how AI interacts with and impacts CX professionals will help unleash the full potential of technology in this field. CIOs, CMOs, and CX professionals are well aware of the potential impact AI will have on their roles and their organizations soon. Likely, you’ve already been feeling the ripples caused by artificial intelligence as it is incorporated somewhat secretly into various customer-facing processes.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the 1950s, however, it has started capturing the minds of CX leaders over the last decade. The latest stage in the evolution of AI can be traced back to the early 2010s when many top technology companies emerged in a rush to release their own AI products. 


As a forward-looking experience designer, you want to think about how this technology will be used today and in the future. Current applications range from the mundane (productivity, time-saving) through the cool (search engines, social networks, apps) to the terrifying (surveillance, population control). It is all a matter of perception and scale: at what point does your time become disposable?


In recent years, AI in CX has taken great strides; AI has become an integral part of many businesses. CX specialists have created a whole ecosystem of new platforms powered with the help of machine learning. With these tools, you can understand customer behavior, what they want and what they don‘t (which is especially important when it comes to individual preferences), orchestrate meaningful customer journeys, and get responses in seconds. This makes AI extremely vital for businesses, as well as rewarding for experience designers who use it strategically.


No matter where you fall in the spectrum of AI beliefs, it's worth becoming conversant on the technology and its capabilities: it's going to affect every industry. Understanding that computer systems can be advanced enough to make their own decisions will help you look at many solutions, products, or services with a different pair of eyes. You will begin to better appreciate traditional data science concepts like statistical learning, machine learning, and artificial neural networks. This topic guide on AI aims to give you an overview of the landscape of Artificial Intelligence and how it can act as a catalyst to your CX improvement mission to equip you with the knowledge and insights so you can speak the topic with confidence no matter what end of the spectrum you're walking!

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Amit Gupta, CCXP, CXPA Member

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