CX Day Host Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Resources for CX Day Event Organizers

Thank you for organizing an event for CX Day. We're preparing an array of materials to help you promote and hold a great celebration.  Bookmark this page for additional resources as they become available.  Have an idea or question not covered here?  We're just an email away.

P.S. If your event is open to the public, we'd love to include it in on our calendar list of CX Day events.  Just drop us an email with the Event name, date, start & end time (including time zone), short description, image if applicable, and link to registration.)


Need a CX Day graphic to include in an email, slideshow or social media post? We've got you covered.  Just click on the title or image below to access downloads!
CX Day Logo
CX Day Graphic
Virtual Background

Video Resources

Videos below will help create excitement and enhance celebrations around the world, whether you are meeting together in-person, online, or participating via social media. Please use the resources below to elevate and amplify your 2020 CX Day celebrations.

(PS. Bookmark this page to check back around September 30 for additional video resources and guidance on how you can combine multiple videos into one smooth presentation.)

 Video Conferencing Backgrounds for Hosts and Presenters

We want to help event organizers and presenters stand out, so we've created special video conference backgrounds for those leading meetings on CX Day. Intended exclusively for your speaker and call leaders, choose the format and style that works best for you, be it static or moving imagery. Download the files here, and follow the virtual background instructions for the platform of your choice. (Tip: Have your speakers test the virtual background in advance to ensure that their software, system, bandwidth and lighting all work great.)

CX Conversation Video Resources

Still looking for the perfect conversation starters for CX Day?  We've made some of our CX Conversation favorites available for you to download and use.  We also are big fans of the "Inspiring Racial Equity: How CX Professionals Can Guide Their Organizations to Tackle This Urgent Issue" panel hosted this summer by the Atlanta and Boston CXPA Networks, which is available to watch on Youtube.

Global Good Morning

Global Good morning videos share the energy and excitement of our diverse, global community. 

We're currently gathering these videos and will have them available for download here no later than September 30.

CX Day Title Sequence and Special Welcomes

We want to help kick off your CX Day virtual celebrations on a high note!  We're working to produce a variety of short videos to set the stage for your event.  

The title sequence is currently in production and we're gathering additional welcome videos to allow you to customize your experience.  We will post the videos here for download no later than September 30.

Advice from CXPA Recognized Training Providers

CXPA’s Recognized Training Providers are trusted, vetted guides with years of experience who aim to help strengthen individual and organizational CX skills. In these video clips, CXPA RTPs share a brief tip to help inspire continued professional development.

These videos will be available here for download no later than September 30.