CXPA RTP Course: High Performance Contact Center Management Workshop - OmniTouch

CXPA RTP Course: High Performance Contact Center Management Workshop - OmniTouch

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Starts:  May 4, 2021 1:00 PM (AEST)
Ends:  May 7, 2021 5:00 PM (AEST)

Workshop title: High Performance Contact Center Management

The Essentials:

    • Online delivery by Daniel Ord, a globally recognized Contact Center industry expert and CXPA Recognized Training Provider with 30 years in CX, EX, Contact Centers & Customer Service
    • (4) 4-hour sessions spread across 4 consecutive days

Recommended audience: VPs, Directors, General Managers, Team Managers, Team Leaders, Quality Assurance, Workforce Management, Human Resources, Customer Experience Management

Essentially any management or support role in the Contact Center.

Course overview: The High Performance Management for Inbound Contact Centers workshop is designed to equip mid to senior management with a comprehensive understanding of the unique environment, mastery level operations, KPI management and the key planning processes inherent in the Contact Center environment.

Though work experience is helpful, it’s not enough.

To succeed, it is critical that anyone involved in Center management understand the unique mathematics and drivers behind what makes the Center ‘work’ and work well.

We work through 4 independent but interrelated modules

1. Introduction and in-Depth analysis of Service Level & Response Time and key Wait Time metrics

Service Level is literally where it all begins in an inbound Center – all stakeholders need to understand Service Level, what it means, how it is measured, how it is ‘set’ and most importantly what to do to meet Service Level (or GOS) on a regular interval-based basis.

2. Contact Center Industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

It’s a senior level responsibility to select the right KPIs for different roles in the Center. Select the right KPIs – you get better performance.

Select the wrong KPIs - you’ll get challenges. We help Participants understand all the key KPIs in the Center, how to measure them, who should be held accountable and how they all interrelate.

3. Forecasting & Staffing Calculations & Scheduling

The heart of efficiency lies in the Forecasting & Staffing process. Get it right and you are cost-efficient. Get it wrong and you’re wasting resources.

Yes, there's some math here - but everyone in the Center should know how they contribute to Center success. It's that important. It impacts everybody.

4. Contact Center University

If there were a Contact Center University – these topics would be in the curriculum. How to calculate a Labour Budget, the Power of One, True Calls per Hour, the Law of Diminishing Returns, the power of Erlang C and more.

What every Contact Center professional needs to know to make better decisions.

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