CXPA RTP: CX+EX+PX Experience Leadership for Execs & Experts, CRCs (ClearAction | Hunsaker)

CXPA RTP: CX+EX+PX Experience Leadership for Execs & Experts, CRCs (ClearAction | Hunsaker)

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When:  Jul 8, 2022 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

For executives and experts (authors, keynoters, thought leaders, judges, award winners, and certified or long-time practitioners of customer experience, employee experience, and partner experience).

Available in live online classes or on-demand self-paced online training.

Why this class? Changing times call for us to up-level our approach to CX, EX, and PX. The success factors that brought us to this point are certainly insufficient for our future! For example:

  • How is it that “quantifying CX ROI” is consistently the number one challenge in Pointillist’s study for the past 3 years, while NPS® is touted as the be-all end-all for CX metrics?
  • Why is EX in such a quagmire with the Great Reshuffle?
  • Why have major brands disbanded their entire CXM team, only to start again later on?
  • Why is no industry is performing in the Good and Excellent ratings of Forrester’s CX Index. In fact, year-over-year change for the past 5 years has been almost static relative to customers’ rising expectations. Many other studies show similar findings.

This course is organized by the CXPA’s 5 CX competencies, but it goes much deeper and broader than what you’ve seen elsewhere. Parallels among employee experience, partner experience, and customer experience are featured in every topic.

See examples of topics covered in these articles: How to Motivate Executive Buy-In for CX, EX & PX and Customer Experience Leaders Can Learn from Baseball.

Trusted by CCXPs & CX enthusiasts from these companies and hundreds more:

This is by far the best course available on Experience Leadership for CX folks. You don’t know what you don’t know! Try this. 
 Balakrishna Murthy, CCXP, Carrefour
I absolutely loved your Advanced CX+EX+PX recorded sessions. Well structured, concise, well-illustrated with examples. I also found useful that you augment this learning experience with a section of inspiring stories from other organizations. This adds even more practical flavor. 
— Sandra Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė, CCXP, Partner Programs and Experience, 1ClickFactory.
Thank you for having a wonderful Advanced Experience Leadership session in such a short duration. I really appreciate the way you have integrated project management, change management and customer experience management. It has been a fantastic experience. 
— Mohammad Saad Usmani, PhD, Divisional Head, Learning & Talent Management, United Bank Limited
Lynn is a seasoned CX professional. She spoke to sound theory and powerful practical examples from her own experience that really help land the points on how to drive business results through customer experience programs.  — Jacqueline Mueller, CCXP, Senior Vice President, Client Insight, SMG
The Advanced course is ideal for senior executives seeking to increase the strategic relevance and value of CX to their organization. It was great that fundamentals are assumed and the focus was on higher-value advanced concepts. I left the class energized, buzzing with multiple ways to up level our CX programs. 
 Peter Rush, FCXP, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Medecision
This Advanced Experience Leadership seminar brings the group in with thought-provoking discussions where participants share real-world examples from our different histories and experiences. I appreciate the practical tools and resources explaining how to use these in greater depth.
 George Bell-Uribe, Head of Customer Experience, North America, Sage
The Advanced Experience Leadership course is an absolute must for any practising CX professional wishing to take their knowledge to the next level and to adapt to the changing realities of CX practices – especially as we face the challenges of the post-Covid, ‘New Now'.
 Victoria Matthews, CCXP, Principal, SEMA4 Consulting

What is covered in this experts' masterclass?


Competency Vital Knowledge
  • Keys to making a huge difference
  • Almost-automatic excellence in CX, EX & PX
  • How to avoid 50+ metrics myths
  • Use almost-free data to minimize redundancy and maximize experience intelligence
  • Know each metric’s best use and inherent limitations
  • Stimulate and measure widespread internal engagement in making a difference for customers, employees, and partners
  • How to avoid metric silos, goal silos, and data silos
  • How to get all executives’ buy-in, how to tie experience metrics to financial ratios
  • How to tie CX, EX & PX to corporate strategy, how to make VoX a guide for all managers
  • How to use leading indicators to predict growth
  • Step into the shoes of customers, employees, and partners
  • Contribute to the CEO’s goals through Design, Innovation & Improvement
  • Stimulate absorption, adoption, action, accountability, momentum, and sustained growth
  • Balance energy among proactive creation of interactions (Design), creating mutual value through a novel approach (Innovation), resolving the instance of issues, preventing recurrence of issues for everyone (Improvement), and preventing occurrance of issues in total (Experience Leadership DNA)
  • Keys to 8X ROI in experience innovation/design
  • Generate 3X revenue growth through robust improvement
  • Influence everyone to manage their ripple-effect on CX, EX & PX
  • Make experience improvement compelling for every group in your ecosystem
  • Universal keys to smoothing operational silos and execution silos
  • Monitor and grow each work group’s CX, EX & PX adoption maturity
  • Facilitate cross-functional trust, partnering, and change for enduring results
  • Embed customer focus, united quest for experience excellence, and top-down customer-centricity
  • Increase customer-centricity of CXM, EXM & PXM practices
  • Increase sophistication of experience intelligence through patterns and connections
  • Stimulate VoX-inspired action by every functional area in your ecosystem
  • Benchmark what matters to customers, employees & partners
  • Maximize action and sustained momentum in journey mapping
  • Create personas that help non-customer-facing groups prevent CX, EX & PX issues
  • Improve CX/EX/PX technology decisions
  • Ensure VoX response rates, population representation, and actionability
  • Minimize survey burnout and maximize meaningfulness for participants and findings recipients
  • Increase VoX business savvy and impact to your CEO’s strategy
  • Intentional customer experience, CX north star, branded customer experience
  • Operationalized strategy, CX ecosystem, governance, strategy template
  • CX maturity roadmap, strategy success assessment
  • Strategic planning frameworks, alignment to brand values and attributes
  • Business case, CX annuities, jobs-to-be-done, core-growth customers
  • Benchmarking, cross-organizational collaboration, interdependencies among people and processes
  • Messaging internally and externally, strengthening CX DNA, and more



Online Instructions:
Login: MasterClass prepaid registration required. Download workbook for application suggestions and note-taking for live class. Self-paced and live versions have identical content.


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