CXPA RTP Course: How to Improve Quality in your Contact Center - OmniTouch

CXPA RTP Course: How to Improve Quality in your Contact Center - OmniTouch

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Starts:  Aug 3, 2021 01:00 PM ((UTC+10:00) Melbourne)
Ends:  Aug 6, 2021 05:00 PM ((UTC+10:00) Melbourne)

Workshop title: How to Improve Quality in your Contact Center

The Essentials:

  • Online delivery by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider and 30 year industry veteran in CX, EX, Contact Centers & Customer Service
  • 4 online sessions of 4 hours each

Recommended audience:

All Service Management & Contact Center Leadership, Service Quality, Quality Assurance, Customer Experience, Human Resources and anyone involved in Quality Management and quality outcomes

Workshop overview:

An effective Quality Assurance Program drives a variety of strategic objectives including enhanced Customer Experience, better Frontline Engagement, empowered Team Leaders, improved Training curriculums and ongoing innovation in Quality standards.

It’s simple – a weak Quality Assurance Program results in weak Service. Fortunately, it works the other way – strong Service flows from a strong Quality Assurance program.

Some people think that Quality Assurance means auditing Service for improvement. But the process begins way before auditing begins.

It begins with understanding a culture of Service, how to put together a strong Service Vision, and develop clear standards and provide for continuous measurement & improvement through strong a strong VOC framework.

This course provides an incredibly structured approach to designing, implementing and continuously improving an effective Quality Assurance Program – whether your program is already in place or is brand new.

This is not a theoretical course.

Participants will be required to work through a number of logical ‘steps’ including setting a Service Vision, selecting & defining Quality standards, establishing an internal measurement logic, designing Quality Assurance reports and communicating outcomes.

We even cover VOC as a vital source of input & improvement for your Quality Assurance Program.

The Participant Guide for this course is extensive and contains samples of Quality Standard definitions, Monitoring Forms, Design Checklists and more to help you with your own unique Quality Assurance Program.

One of our most popular management courses!


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