CXPA RTP Course: Exclusive CX Leadership Masterminds

CXPA RTP Course: Exclusive CX Leadership Masterminds

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Starts:  Jan 26, 2021 3:00 PM (NL)
Ends:  Jun 29, 2021 5:00 PM (NL)

A crisis requires more leadership, more focus on Customer Experience Management. But how do you do that?

  • How do you show your successes?
  • How do you grow as a CX leader?
  • How do you focus on transformation, but also on ROI?
  • How do you remotely take your colleagues in?
  • How do you put Customer Experience Management into practice?
  • Which CX choices are best to make now?
  • How are you gonna go from thinking to acting?

So many questions, so many uncertainties. And maybe these were already there?! Then, of course, this Corona time doesn't help either.

That is why the CX Leadership Masterminds will be in their second edition from January 2021 onwards. An intensive online programme of six months in which I will teach you and an exclusive group of colleagues - your fellow Masterminds - how you can grab and develop your CX Leadership even better. And how to make the best use of Customer Experience Management in your organisation. Here we go from theory to practice.

Make 2021 your year when it comes to your CX leadership and professional expertise. And let the best help you!

Enthusiastic participant, Judy Wisselaar says:

"I took part in the CX Leadership Masterminds of Nienke Bloem and I'd like to tell you why I really recommend them to you. I recommend it because you will be working with people from very different industries on Customer Experience Management. And you learn not to be a CX Manager, but a CX Leader. You get your role sharp, you get insights because you share challenges and also get challenges from Nienke, but also from your fellow participants. You also see how they deal with their CX challenges. That also gives you a lot of inspiration. For example, Nienke has given me the questions I can ask my stakeholders to ensure that they think, act and decide from a customer perspective in their daily practice. This has enabled me to really set them in motion. So I advise you to participate and I wish you lots of fun and success!

About Nienke Bloem CCXP CSP MBA

I have the 'stars and the scars' when it comes to Customer Experience, with excellent results in various organizations, in both strategic and tactical roles. Not for nothing my motto is: Making Customer Experience Work. I help you to improve your business results by using Customer Experience Management. In short: "I breathe CX just like you!

They also call me the CX guru. I am not only a global speaker, but also a thought leader and CX teacher. I am one of the ten CXPA Resource and Training Partners worldwide and a freelance lecturer at Nyenrode University. My CX Masterclasses and workshops help CX managers and CX teams on their way to customer focus. As a co-founder of the CX Game, I also enjoy CX blended learning.

With more than 25 years of experience I am the person to help you further in Customer Experience!


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Nienke Bloem
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