CXPA Webinar Presented by Medallia: “It’s Out Of My Control!” - A Conversation on Getting Teams ...

CXPA Webinar Presented by Medallia: “It’s Out Of My Control!” - A Conversation on Getting Teams ...

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When:  Sep 21, 2021 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET


“It’s Out Of My Control!” - A Conversation on Getting Teams to Own Their CX Feedback

Come join experts from Medallia's CX Advisory team for an interactive series of webinars about how to move teams from deflecting feedback they deem outside of their direct control to a mindset of focusing on improving customer experiences. Research indicates the way a customer is treated and ultimately feels when things don’t go right has a significant impact on their decision to continue doing business with an organization, we’ll provide tangible behavioral strategies that help prepare front-line teams to empathetically tackle the difficult situations they will inevitably face.

Our first webinar on Tuesday, September 21st will showcase real-life examples of how deflection behavior manifests in front-line workers and their managers and will provide a detailed framework to move teams to a mindset of improving customer experiences by:
  • Acknowledging that many aspects of a front-line team’s daily activities are beyond their own decision making ability, things like product, policy, or pricing, while remaining well within their span of influence
  • Determining whether the situations faced are short-lived, one-off scenarios that don’t warrant extensive attention or are in fact long-range situations that require preparation and action planning
Our second webinar on Tuesday, October 19th will delve into the detailed actions front-line workers can engage in, and their managers can coach to, including:
  • Providing proven techniques to acknowledge and diffuse emotions that may arise in challenging situations
  • Validating concerns raised by customers and utilizing empathetic phrasing in their dialogue, thereby positioning employees and customers on the same side, working towards resolution
Register for the second webinar here.

Sandra Storey, CCXP
Principal CX Advisor Financial Services

Mission: To bring the Voice of the Customer to life with the goal of helping individuals, teams, and organizations continuously improve on the experiences that they deliver. Sandra has 20+ years experience in financial services leading and coaching teams to take accountability for their results. Her ability to break down CX scores into real-world, tangible activities, behaviors, and process improvements have helped teams to deliver best in class performance.

Kristi Nickl, PMP
Principal CX Advisor Restaurant/Retail/Hospitality

Mission: To be a trusted advisor through a consultative approach, to the best brands in the world! Kristi has 10+ years experience designing, implementing and driving adoption of CX programs across retail/restaurant/hospitality/financial industries. Given her 17 years in retail and restaurant management at the start of her career, providing actionable insights to front line operators is something she’s very passionate about!

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