CXPA RTP: CX Masterclass, preparation for CCXP Exam | Online, special EMEA edition

CXPA RTP: CX Masterclass, preparation for CCXP Exam | Online, special EMEA edition

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Starts:  Nov 23, 2021 08:00 AM (CET)
Ends:  Nov 30, 2021 05:00 PM (CET)

and prepare for the CCXP EXAM

  • Are you looking to grow in your role as a CX professional?
  • You want to know the latest developments and understand the entire width of CX so you can be a better leader?
  • You want to implement and embed a CX Programme in your organisation and need to know how?
  • Prepare the best way possible for the new CCXP Exam? (optional)


Let's Address The Elephant In The Room

“How can we have an ONLINE session for an ENTIRE day?”

You are not the first to ask. But rest asure. We’ve designed an engaging mix of interactive modules, challenging exercises, peer discussions and plenty of breaks so such a day flies by. With overwhelming feedback of previous attendees, we are confident we’ve found the right mix. Online? Not a problem!

Want to check out testimonials? Go ahead and browse them:

Or... recognise anyone of the previous attendees? Please reach out to them and ask if it's worth it (we know the answer).

The platform
The session is hosted in Zoom and uses platform Mural. Not familiar yet? No prolem, we'll explain everything.

The CX Masterclass

The course is designed to cover all aspects of CX. In two days of in-depth expertise, surprising insights, peer exercises and blended learning you’ll fully experience what it means to be in CX today.

Using examples from real-world CX programmes, you will learn everything from Strategy and Brand to the complexities of Customer Understanding. Learning Measurement and Research Methods enables you to pivot to creating and improving experiences through CX Design. Yet, all will fall flat if you do not carefully embed it: Organisational accountability, stakeholder management and creating a Customer Centric Culture throughout the company. But, let’s not forget it is you who has to do all this. So what is your role and context as a CX professional? Set against a continuously evolving landscape of trends, developments, challenges and changing consumer behaviour you will experience the full breadth of what it means to be in CX today.


  • Learn the updated 5 CX Competences by the CXPA and its framework
  • Get ready for the official CCXP Exam, including tests
  • Learn global best practices and trends in CX
  • Make your personal CX Plan and grow as a CX Leader
  • Connect with and learn from CX peers
  • Practice to apply CX directly to day-to-day business


We are in a continuously changing and evolving landscape of trends and developments, so for anyone engaged in CX it’s absolutely essential to understand the most recent and relevant insights.

In this special EMEA edition  you’ll get the latest insights to get a first hand grip on changing consumer behaviour and the impact it has on businesses worldwide.


Challenge yourself, and live that passion for CX!


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