Superhero Success Guide

Twenty-one customer experience professionals share their stories

This success guide profiles twenty-one customer experience professionals, CX Superheroes, who have dug deeper into the challenges they've faced and the methods they've developed to successfully drive forward and succeed in inspiring corporate culture, gaining leadership support, crossing silos and listening to both customers and employees.

As more businesses seek to implement practices that focus on customer experience and value employee engagement, it becomes critical to recognize the expertise and knowledge behind the discipline. 

Some of the topics you’ll find repeated across the interviews with these superheroes include:

  • Power of Leadership Support
  • Corporate Culture
  • Importance of Consistency
  • Resilience
  • A lot With Little
  • Storytelling is Powerful

The twenty-one stories in this book are meant to inspire and inform on the experiences and lessons learned of just a few customer experience professionals.  With the purpose and mission of CXPA in mind we hope their stories highlight the skillset behind customer experience professionals.

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