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Frank Hone

Frank HoneFrank Hone has most recently been VP, Engagement Strategy at Healthx, where he developed strategies and solutions for consumer engagement and customer experience for the company’s digital engagement platform. He received his CCXP in June of this year and is passionate about helping to influence consumer engagement and population health outcomes through customer experience. He is eager to put his experience and skills to work for a health plan or CX vendor, nearly anywhere in the US.

Throughout his career, he has emphasized consumer marketing strategy as a focal area in working with healthcare-related organizations. He sees customer experience strategy as the next logical step in his career path as it integrates many of the skills and successes he has developed. Since 2008, when he published “Why Healthcare Matters,” a business book on healthcare consumerism, he has used advertising and marketing principles to drive deeper and better customer experience and consumer engagement with healthcare solutions.

Through his recent leadership positions at Healthways, Healthcentric Partners, and Healthx, he has served dozens of customers, helping them achieve their business objectives related to health system steerage, population health, administrative cost savings, and other areas by developing relevant solutions that promote positive experience.

He studied process excellence and quality methods with W. Edwards Deming at Columbia Business School, which gave him great appreciation for Lean Six Sigma and other methods by which process and quality can be optimized.

He currently lives in Naples, FL and enjoys golf, running, reading, writing and the beaches.

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