Career Highlights

Career Highlight

Congratulations! Here's who became a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) this month.

  • Isaac De Abreu, CCXP - Digital Strategy & Technology Manager, Everis
  • Valeria De Silvestro, CCXP - Customer Experience Officer, Kantar
  • Shannon Denniston, CCXP - Customer Experience Manager, Texas Capital Bank
  • Belinda Dimovski, CCXP - Chief Executive Officer, Australian Red Cross
  • Andrew Doepping, CCXP - Member Engagement Manager Lafayette, Federal Credit Union
  • Jennifer Grimes, CCXP - VP President, Client Services, Service Management Group
  • Olga Guseva, CCXP - Integria Consult
  • Raphael Hergge, CCXP - Customer Experience Spezialist (B2B)
  • Wendy Hompes, CCXP - ING
  • Gustavo Imhof, CCXP - Customer Experience Feedback and Insight Manager, Lowell Financial
  • Sean Keane, CCXP - Director Interact Digital Ltd
  • Fabian Kortekaas, CCXP - Head of Customer Experience & Quality Management Benelux, TUI
  • Brendan Leece, CCXP - International Customer Experience Manager, E.ON
  • Rose Little, CCXP - Head of Operational Transformation, Prudential
  • Jennifer MacDonald, CCXP - Program Manager, IBM
  • Sandra Matuleviciute-Bagdonaviciene, CCXP - Partner Experience Manager, 1ClickFactory
  • Stephanie McDonald, CCXP - Customer Experience Specialist, ZTR Control Systems
  • Barbara McLaurine, CCXP - Customer Experience Manager, Bayer
  • Serkan Memisoglu, CCXP - Director, Customer & Strategy Advisory, Ernst & Young
  • Olivier Mourrieras, CCXP - Founder CX-Impact
  • Tonja Peña, CCXP - Customer Experience Consultant, Capital Experience Group
  • Paul P. Pourak, CCXP - Manager, Customer Strategy & Applied Design, Deloitte
  • Emma Taylor, CCXP
  • David Tirado, CCXP - Head of Service Design & Customer Metrics, VISAnet Peru
  • Jim Travis, CCXP - Director CX Measurement & Improvement Programs, Microsoft
  • Gregorio Uglioni, CCXP - Head of Transformation Operations Services, Swisscard AECS GmbH
  • Robert Vels, CCXP - Makesenze
  • Deborah Walker, CCXP - Project Management Institute
  • Philip Walker, CCXP - MasterCraft Boat Company

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The CCXP program provides a means for individuals to obtain professional recognition of their high levels of knowledge of the customer experience discipline. For practitioners, the CCXP program provides recognition of a high level of knowledge in the field of customer experience and offers a framework for continual development. Candidates for this credential are looking to distinguish themselves in the workplace, validate their skills, and maximize their earning potential. Learn more about the CCXP program