Career Highlights

Career Highlight

Congratulations! Here's who became a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) this month.

  • Michael Brandt, CCXP - Group VP Customer Loyalty, ABB Group
  • Gareth Durbridge, CCXP - Head of Customer Experience, International Institute for Anti-Ageing
  • Jean Fasching, CCXP - Engagement Lead Consultant, Heart of the Customer
  • Sean Flynn, CCXP - Global Program manager, Partner Success, Qualtrics
  • Aditi Garg, CCXP - Artex
  • Russ Hopkinson, CCXP - VP, Customer Experience Strategy, MRM//McCann
  • Henk Jager, CCXP - Cendris
  • Catherine Jeppsen, PhD, CCXP - Principal Consultant, CX, Qualtrics
  • Chris Kay, CCXP - AXIM
  • Michael Lam, CCXP - State Farm Insurance
  • Maggie Leinonen, CCXP - Customer Experience Manager, F-Secure Corporation
  • Namrita Mahindro, CCXP - Senior General Manager, Mahindra Group
  • Minna Makki, CCXP - Customer Happiness Officer, Etsimo Healthcare
  • Alistair Narnor, CCXP - BT
  • Sair Noukkala, CCXP - Head of Customer Relationship Experience Development, LocalTapiola
  • Roshni Padamadan, CCXP - CAP Manager, Customer Assurance, Cisco Systems
  • Jouni Petrow, CCXP - Director, Customer Experience, Elisa Oyj
  • Mark Ratekin, CCXP - Director, CX Consulting, Americas, Confirmit
  • Kaitie Saballus, CCXP - Asana
  • Tirza Schmidt, CCXP - Customer Experience Manager, T-Systems
  • Taslima Shasore, CCXP - Quramo Advisory
  • Ruth Shaw, CCXP - Customer Success Manager, Rant & Rave
  • David Watson, CCXP - GM Customer Experience, System & Innovation, McGrath Real Estate
  • Jody Wiseman, CCXP - United Educators oration 

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The CCXP program provides a means for individuals to obtain professional recognition of their high levels of knowledge of the customer experience discipline. For practitioners, the CCXP program provides recognition of a high level of knowledge in the field of customer experience and offers a framework for continual development. Candidates for this credential are looking to distinguish themselves in the workplace, validate their skills, and maximize their earning potential. Learn more about the CCXP program