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Boston wins the best local networking group!

  • 1.  Boston wins the best local networking group!

    Posted 05-05-2016 06:45 PM

    At the CXPA Annual Insight Exchange this week the Boston Local Networking group volunteers won this award! We have never been recognized before (to my knowledge, right Karl?). It was a great honor to be selected among the over 40 groups today.

    This was due to our offer a monthly coffee CX chat meetup, new event formats, and extra efforts to help engage local members. Thank you to our awesome group of volunteers who earned this award. I'm proud to be a part of the team! I'll post a picture of the award later.

    Go team!

    Kim Proctor
    Digital Customer Experience Consultant
    Customers That Click
    Boston MA

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    Posted 05-08-2016 10:17 AM
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    Thank you for posting this and yes indeed this was the first time the Boston LNE Team has been recognized for outstanding performance among the LNE teams across the CXPA.  The work that goes into this when we run a quarterly event with great content along with speakers and panels and creating a learning envorinment for local CXPA members is significant but it's very rewarding when you get recognized for all of your efforts.  Each member of the team will receive an award bearing their name like the one I've downloaded here.  Thanks to all of the hard work that the team has offered through volunteering.  May we continue the success we've had to far and bring even more excitement and better content to local CXPA members and build the organization that we all love to be a part of.

    Karl Sharicz, CCXP
    Founder | Principal
    CX Partners, LLC
    Quincy, MA 02169
    508 989-7379