CX Summer Bucket List

By Ms. Sarah Andrews, CCXP posted 06-07-2024 08:12 AM


🎶 School's out for summer... School's out forever... 🎶

That song is on repeat in my house right now – as I’m married to a high school teacher & we’re raising a high schooler & 2 middle schoolers.

Last night after dinner we sat at the table & each of us made our own Summer Bucket Lists. 😎

Then in true CX Leader fashion – each person shared their list, we tallied the duplicates, voted on our priorities, & made a plan to accomplish our Summer Bucket List activities.

Summer is such a gift to us –
😀Reconnecting with our childlike joy
🎨Providing moments of rest & creativity
☀Relishing every sundrenched afternoon
🌊Exploring the gift of nature & calming our brains

In your next CX team meeting, work together to create a Summer CX Bucket List!

At a loss for ideas? Here are a few of my favorites!

  1. Host an ice cream social employee appreciation event - sharing team members who were mentioned positively in customer comments
  2. Create a customer newsletter showcasing your recent CX improvements 
  3. Celebrate your organization's cross-team CX collaborations at a "Customer Care Carnival"