“All Things Considered CX” Podcast Episode Features CXPA Leaders

By Greg Melia CAE posted 11 days ago


Recently CXPA Vice Chair Amy Shioji, CCXP, new Board member Bryan Sander, CCXP, and CXPA CEO Greg Melia, CAE were guests on the All Things Considered CX podcast, hosted by CXPA Emeritus Director Bob Azman, CCXP.  During the 38-minute podcast, Amy, Bryan and Greg provide insight on their career and CXPA journeys – including one guest with an accounting degree, and another with an anthropology background! 

The podcast highlights the guests’ common passion for designing capabilities to drive customer delight at scale; motivations for taking on a leadership role within CXPA; and the global nature of CXPA.  Along the way, the discussion touches on the development and value of the CCXP certification, how CXPA enables  CX professionals to go farther faster, and the ever-present need to increase understanding of CX – as well as to raise awareness of its value as a trusted business strategy that super-fuels long-term financial results for businesses. 

The podcast is full of reflections on the origins of CXPA, the development of the CX profession, accomplishments of the CXPA community.  It also has an overview of 2023 priorities reflected by the phrase “CX professionalism”.  Tune in to find out more – including what brought a tear to Bob’s eye, and the day to which Bryan is looking forward!  Watch, listen or download the episode today! Link