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CCXP Exam Joys, Struggles & Rewards

By Lynn Hunsaker posted 10-13-2022 12:25 AM

CCXPCCXP exam (Customer Experience Professional Certification) competencies are a guide to highly profitable customer experience management. The CCXP exam has 100 multiple choice questions that are easier to answer when you have spent a few years in your career managing 5 areas: CX Strategy, Improvement & Design, Culture & Accountability, VoC & Intelligence, and Metrics & Analytics. This body of knowledge is universal to any organization type. It’s equally applicable to Employee Experience and Partner Experience management.

When you understand how leading indicator CX metrics drive financial growth, then you see how CX improvement and design are necessary to “move the needle”. Employee engagement needed for improvements and design shows you what is needed as motivation in culture and accountability. This tells you what VoC & Intelligence is needed across your organization: to motivate improvement that drives metrics and financials. Pulling together all of this, you create your customer experience strategy.

A survey of customer experience job responsibilities is the basis for the CCXP competencies and exam. Like all professional certifications, there are joys and struggles in pursuit of this credential, and eventually, great rewards.


Seeing how all the puzzle pieces fit together for comprehensive CX management is an “aha” moment. Before your CCXP study, you may not have realized there is a sequence (described above), where VoC feeds your company’s culture and strategy. VoC also inspires, prioritizes, motivates, and enlightens CX improvement and design. This is known as “outside-in” management of your business.

Other joyful discoveries include accountability methods and practical ways to shape customer-centricity company-wide. In the ClearAction CCXP course, one of the first things you learn is which metrics to focus on for strongest CX ROI. Leading indicators are what teams can control in their workflows. When you see, internally, what customers will soon experience (leading indicator), then you can predict what customers will report in surveys (lagging indicator) and their corresponding financial behaviors.

In my course, you also learn the importance of both Expectations VoC and Realities VoC, and how to link corporate strategy with customer experience excellence.


CCXP Struggles

Professional certification is not a walk in the park. Lawyers study for the bar exam, accountants study for the CPA exam, project managers study for the PMP exam, and so on. Nobody knows everything in the vast CCXP question pool. Therefore, multiple-choice quiz practice falls short. Overconfidence is the biggest setback to exam success.

You really need to understand the CCXP body of knowledge. Many questions have 4 good choices, but you must select the best choice. With solid knowledge, you will be able to discern the right response. Why is this valuable? It mimics real life: you’re constantly faced with multiple good options. People around you have opinions and habits that you can guide to a higher level of performance when you really know what is best.

Despite CX job responsibilities as the basis for CCXP, many CX jobs do not correspond with it. For example, if a lot of your time is spent with CX technologies, then you may be missing the strategic aspects of the 5 competencies. Customer Service is not covered much in the CCXP, because CS is a subset of CX Improvement & Design.

On the other hand, your CXM strategy can generate millions in savings and revenue without some of the CCXP emphasis areas. These include NPS, Net Promoter System, and customer journey mapping. The ClearAction course shows you both typical practices and strategic impact practices. Strategic impact means you’re creating an enduring advantage for your business.

Studying for the exam can take a lot of time when you focus on books, YouTube videos, and quizzes. These resources lack assurance that you’ve covered everything needed. Most importantly, they’re often authored by someone who has little real-world application experience.

CCXP Rewards

The CCXP credential acknowledges your grasp of the CX body of knowledge. The designation, and your confidence from it, set you apart from other job candidates who do not have this proof of CX wisdom in the 5 CX competencies. There are many other CX certificates, but only the CCXP is independent of a brand, comprehensive in the CX body of knowledge, and generated via job survey and practitioner consensus. CCXP’s breadth sets you up for career growth in CX and general management.

The community of CCXPs is vital to the foundation of customer experience as a management field. We perpetuate truths in our work and what we share publicly. Accordingly, CCXPs have privileges in the Customer Experience Professionals Association. For example, board members must be CCXPs. Like credentials in other career fields, CCXP generates instant trust and performance expectations. We help one another to continue discovering wonderful things about customer experience and growth.

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