What's on CX Leaders' Minds?

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 21 days ago


Recently, CXPA's Board of Directors discussed emerging, pressing, and waning issues and trends in customer experience. Their discussion, along with your input, will help guide CXPA in its content development and focus areas in coming months. Here were a few areas of discussion.

Emerging Responsibilities and Priorities

Consumer Data Privacy and Data Strategy

With heightened regulatory scrutiny and growing consumer awareness, CX leaders are now more involved in ensuring data privacy compliance. This trend is coupled with the need for robust data strategies to enable personalized digital experiences. Leaders are tasked with managing technology pieces that enhance these experiences while ensuring data integrity and privacy.

AI and Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a significant focus area, with CX leaders exploring its potential to improve customer insights, efficiency, personalization, and drive next best actions (NBA). The integration of AI in CX involves using predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and behaviors, moving from reactive reporting to proactive and predictive strategies. This shift includes leveraging AI to predict outcomes and integrate behavioral and operational data with sentiment to understand the "Voice of the Silent" – predicting customer feedback without active collection.

Cultural Transformation and Executive Storytelling

The role of CX leaders is expanding to encompass cultural transformation and change management. There is a growing responsibility to drive technology adoption that enhances CX while leading cultural shifts driven by customer needs and sentiment. Executive-level storytelling is also becoming a critical skill, as CX pros are transitioning from traditional insights reporting to more nuanced executive immersion efforts.

Value Creation and ROI Measurement

There is a strong focus on positioning CX as a value center rather than a cost center. This involves measuring the return on investment (ROI) of CX initiatives and their impact on customer lifetime value (CLV). CX leaders are partnering with various enterprise areas to quantify the benefits of CX improvements and demonstrate how key CX metrics contribute to successful business outcomes.

Declining Importance of Traditional Practices

Reactive Reporting and Surveys

The reliance on reactive reporting and traditional survey methods is diminishing. CX leaders are moving away from using Voice of Customer (VoC) data solely for reporting outcomes. Instead, they are focusing on contextual insight generation and proactive tactics that provide actionable feedback. The goal is to move beyond being perceived as a "glorified survey shop" to being recognized for delivering strategic value.

Evolving Roles and Skills in CX

Multidisciplinary Talent

The demand for CX professionals with diverse skill sets is rising. Organizations are seeking talent with expertise in project management, change management, data analytics, AI, and strong leadership skills. This multidisciplinary approach is crucial for driving cross-functional collaboration and ensuring CX strategies are integrated across the enterprise.

Shifts in CX Roles

In organizations where CX leaders have proven financial yield, core CX teams are growing, and roles are expanding to include areas related to the execution of improvements. Conversely, in organizations where financial impact has not been demonstrated, CX programs are being reduced or cut entirely. There is also a notable shift in CX role titles, reflecting a broader focus on experience operations and customer engagement.

Market Trends in CX Consulting and Software

Strategic Partnerships and Tools

The market for CX consulting and software services is evolving, with a growing emphasis on strategic partnerships and the use of advanced tools. Companies are leveraging comprehensive client data ecosystems to drive actionable insights and improve business outcomes. The integration of CX with marketing, digital, and go-to-market strategies is crucial for illustrating the true customer experience and optimizing processes.

AI and Technology Advancements

Advancements in AI and analytics are reshaping the CX landscape. Leaders are continually retooling to stay abreast of these technologies, ensuring that CX roadmaps incorporate data and systems to augment business results. The demand for consultants specializing in these areas is at an all-time high, highlighting the importance of embedding CX perspectives in enterprise tech maturity roadmaps.

C-Suite and Business Community Perception

Aligning with Business Goals

For the C-suite, CX is all about delivering profitable, long-term financial growth. CX leaders need to align their strategies with corporate goals and demonstrate how strong CX results drive growth, loyalty, and reduced churn—it’s no longer enough to say “I have a CX program.” Top-down leadership support is critical, with some organizations integrating CX metrics into performance scorecards to ensure adoption and action.

We’d like to hear from you …

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14 days ago

Michelle--thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think that your perspective is aligned with the board's conversations! Less VoC as the sole method for reporting on customer insights, more focus on a holistic insight-generation effort in which VoC still plays a role, but includes other customer and operational data to paint the picture.

18 days ago

I feel a strong need to comment on 'reative reports and surveys'.

Those of use that use Customer Feedback well have always believed it delivers strategic value. We call that use VoC. I believe reinventing wheel because VoC is done badly by some people doesn't help us as a profession. I have a clumsy phrase for this 'doing something badly, doesn't make it a bad thing'.

In an article in CXM, I talk about the roots of VoC and deplore its association with services and fruitless reports. But please let's evolve the tool rather than have a cat fight about what to replace it with when we could be improving CX for our employees and clients - here's a link to my article: VoC platforms aren't working and here's why - Customer Experience Magazine (