Regional Insights from CX Day 2021--Part 2

By Gabe Smith CCXP posted 10-14-2021 03:21 PM


Did you miss any of the action on CX Day 2021? We've got you covered.

To celebrate the global diversity of CX professionals, CXPA convened regional panels featuring CX professionals from around the world.

Last week, CXPA published key quotes from panels in Africa, Asia, Canada, Brazil, and Oceania. Below, see key insights from CX pros from Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, the U.K., and the U.S.

featuring @Tabitha Dunn CCXP, @Olga Guseva CCXP, @Spiros Milonas CCXP, @Jeff Sheehan, @Kathy Van de Laar CCXP, @Gregorio Uglioni CCXP


“Many of you are focused on learning great CX skills, whether that's insights or experience design or journey mapping, I would recommend that you add change management, and objection handling like a salesperson. Because those are the things that really help you get your fantastic ideas and insights and capabilities over the goal line, and really ensure that you do work on what you want to work on for your customers and have the value and impact that you want." Tabitha Dunn, CCXP, on career advice for CX professionals 

Latin America/Caribbean
featuring @Enrique Saenz CCXP, @Gianna Risk, @Sebastien Munar CCXP, @Samantha Conyers CCXP

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"Technology is not only a source of information. Technology today allows us to be able to generate cross-selling and mobilize the promoters. What technology is providing is a direct way to measure the results of your CX program, when you have a promoter saying that they love your brand, and immediately you're telling them 'Well, how about this other product that we have, that you haven't bought yet? I think it would be a great experience for you.' Enrique Saenz, CCXP, on hot issues related to CX in the region

featuring @Sue Duris, @Alex Russell-Rutherford CCXP, @Jerry Angrave CCXP, @Nick Lygo-Baker CCXP

"This isn't for me a departmental thing. This has to be an organization wide and it has to be shared and embraced, which has a customer outcome intention embedded in that strategy. And then to achieve that, it's about having a balanced mix of neuro diversity. So not just gender, age and ethnicity. This is about supporting different thinking, different creativity in order to be able to develop the innovation and ensure organizations can continue to engage and develop with their customers." Nick Lygo-Baker, CCXP, on what makes a great CX team

featuring @Jessica Kinghorn CCXP, @Mark Michelson, @Sandra Mathis CCXP, @Lewis Taylor, @Vasu Rao CCXP

As I was watching a Real Salt Lake soccer match recently, I was just thinking about what happens in a team like that. And one thing they do a lot is talk to each other during the game about where everyone needs to be. And I think that really translates to any kind of a work team, but especially CX. And I think also, a great CX team celebrates the wins and takes care of one another. Jess Kinghorn, CCXP, on what makes a great CX team