Where CXPA is Going Next--And How You Can Help

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 18 days ago


On CX Day, CXPA’s 2021 Board Chair Barbie Fink, CCXP, and 2022 Chair-Elect Nancy Porte, CCXP joined staff Gabe Smith, CCXP and CEO Greg Melia, CAE to discuss outcomes from its strategic planning sessions as well as the future directions of the association. Here are 3 key takeaways from that discussion:

Nominations for Board of Directors and Regional Leadership Councils are Open

“One of the conversations that I was really excited about was around adopting a new regionally focused approach to help CXPA share leadership, and better adapt CXPA to members across the globe,” says Fink. The CXPA is seeking applicants to serve on not just its Board of Directors, but also on new Regional Leadership Councils. While the Board of Directors will continue to serve as the

global governing body for CXPA, Regional Leadership Councils will provide leadership and guidance to the operations of CXPA in their region, working in concert with the Board, staff and Network Leaders. Together, these bodies provide leadership and governance for CXPA's strategic directions and delivery of membership value throughout the globe.

Education Comes to the Forefront

“CXPA will identify, develop, and support CX professionals from day one through retirement by providing guidance, mentoring, education, certification, and awards that help advance their career and professional reputation,” says Melia. In addition to CXPA’s Recognized Training Provider program, education offerings will be explored for specific audiences, which may include serving students in academic settings, early-career professionals, and those who’ve already achieved the CCXP credential.

Focus on Independent, Consensus-Driven Frameworks

Melia says that CXPA can help propel the CX discipline, and the careers of those who practice it, forward through focus on building independent, consensus-driven work, such as the work being done in the Body of Knowledge project. He explains: “So the guiding statement that came out of the body of knowledge conversation is this, and it will be embodied in our plan of work: promote greater understanding of CX and CX professionals, through promoting consensus definitions and knowledge, researched and documented in the CXPA CX framework.”

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