On the Move--Celebrating Your Career Successes in August 2021

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 12 days ago


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Here are some CX pros who were on the move in August:

On the Move.August 2021


Friederike Niehoff, CCXP--Manager, Customer Experience at SwissSense
Camila Ochoa Piriz--Customer Excellence Analyst at VTEX
Samantha Marks--Head of Customer Experience at Snow Joe + Sun Joe
Ashutosh Karandikar, CCXP--Head of CX Services and Consulting, APAC at Alida
Edward Hobart, CCXP--Vice President of Customer Experience, Arcules
Kat Stroud, CCXP--Sr. Director, CX Consulting at Confirmit
Elly Domene, CCXP--Vice President, Global Customer Experience at SES Satellites
Jennifer Baker--Membership Engagement Manager at CXPA
Angeleen Rohda, CCXP--Manager, Customer Experience at Asurion
Randy Nanjad, CCXP--Sr. Director, People Strategy at Reslish Studios