CX Case Study Roundup

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 05-27-2021 04:57 PM


It’s been a great week for fascinating case study content that has spun out of some truly fantastic virtual events.

As CXPA’s Content Manager, one of my goals is to help you find the most relevant content to propel your CX work forward. To that end, I thought it might be helpful to aggregate some great case study conversations I’ve seen this week and bring everything into one post.

Live with CXPA

CXPA has produced a couple of great recent programs where we dive deep into CX transformation efforts within specific organizations. Check out the conversation I had this week with Sandra De Zoysa, CCXP, about the cultural transformation she led at a telecoms provider in Sri Lanka, and learn how it accelerated and enabled their digital transformation during the pandemic. And earlier this year, I sat down with Daniel Ord, CCXP, who led over 60 culture workshops over a two-year period to drive customer-focused change for one of his clients. Both conversations are full of lessons learned that will benefit both new and experienced CX professionals.


Medallia Experience ’21—Giving Voice to the Silent and Bringing All Parts of Experience Together

This piece offers a great rundown of how organizations representing a variety of industries have navigated through immense disruption to deliver better experiences and more value to customers. I found it interesting to learn about how the U.K.’s National Health Service utilized crowdsourcing to foster more effective collaboration and ramp up COVID testing capabilities.


Qualtrics Experience Symposium 2021—3 Government Highlights

This blog post offers a fascinating, bite-sized look at how local and federal government agencies are improving their CX practices for the betterment of citizens. Of particular interest to me is the lessons learned from the COVID-19 tracking project. Full sessions are available on-demand for those who want a deeper dive.

Verint's XM Clients Inspire and Elevate at Inspire21

I've long wondered just why it is that I'm so happy when I'm at Costco--and this is a great look at how that company delivers on their core values to thrive through change.


SMG—3 Brands Proving ROI with Insights-Driven CX Programs

How did Wendy’s focus on the temperature of its french fries to improve overall customer satisfaction? Read this piece to find out (also, I’m now hungry).


Alida—The Top Challenges in VoC, and How These Industry Leaders Tackle Them

This piece has some great insights—including some details about how the HBO Max Product Insight team fuses Diversity & Inclusion research with CX to produce more compelling programming for a broad range of audiences.