Who Made a Career Move in March 2021?

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 21 days ago


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Here are some CX pros who were on the move in March:

Top Row, L-R:

Gary Batroff, CCXP: VP, North America Partnerships at Thunderhead
Janelle Mansfield: VP, Customer Success and Experience at Gazelle.AI
Catherine Jeppsen, Ph.D, CCXP: Sr. Data Scientist for CX at Github
Bart Taylor: Chief Customer Officer at Protecta Insurance New Zealand
Walter Andri: Chief Customer Officer at Highline Beta

Bottom Row, L-R:

Charlene Foley, CCXP: Chief Customer Officer at Hearful
Morgan Meliski: Manager of Supporter Experience at Compassion International
Matt Monberg: Director of Supporter Experience at Compassion International
Francis Li: Chief Customer Officer at SysAid Technologies
Matthew Larson: Associate Director, CX Analytics at Concentrix
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