Reasons to Be Grateful--Reflections from CXPA Members and Staff

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 11-24-2020 03:06 PM


Disruptive. Trying. Chaotic. Stressful. And everyone’s favorite—unprecedented.

All are adjectives that have been attached to one of the strangest years any of us have collectively experienced.

With residents of many countries around the world celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, and many others soon beginning to celebrate the winter holidays, CXPA asked its members and staff to throw away these tired, negative descriptors and instead think about what they are most grateful for in the CX world in 2020. Here’s what they said.

  Adrienne Bryant, CAE, Digital Experience/CCXP Program Director, CXPA

In the association space, volunteerism is what helps drive the work we as staff do on a daily basis. The CXPA Community is definitely no different. I am most thankful for the volunteers who help us daily to help the CXPA and the CCXP be the best communities in the world! Thank you to all Volunteers, we are grateful for you.

Jessica Buffenstein, CCXP, Director, Customer Experience Consulting, Confirmit

The ability to leverage the rich content and discussions of local networks on a global level has been very fruitful. Ironically, the thing that is keeping us apart, has expanded our networks 10-fold.

Jonathan Daniels, CCXP, Director, CX-Centric

Grateful for the opportunity to work on research projects with the CXPA. We appreciate the good content that you guys put out, lots of opportunities to learn.

Raphael Hergge, CCXP, Customer Experience Specialist (B2B)

For me, 2020 is a learning opportunity, and I am grateful to have further developed
my Customer Experience and Leadership skills with online programs and other distant learning means. I am especially grateful for the CXPA platform, the extensive wealth of CX insights, and the networking opportunities with this professional community across the globe!

Derik Iverson, Membership Community Manager, CXPA

While I’m always thankful for the hard work of all CXPA volunteers that contribute their time and thought leadership to mature the profession, this season I’m immensely proud and grateful for our course instructors of the Measures, Metrics, and Business Value modular course. They’ve taken many months to create and deliver excellent content around a crucial part of any CX program. Sincerest gratitude to them, and all volunteers that make CXPA such a relevant organization for CX professionals at any stage in their career.

Erin Kelican, CXPA Member

I am grateful to be a part of an organization of like-minded individuals to network with, to be able to delve into thought-provoking content, to bounce ideas off of, and to appreciate the complexities and challenges of the customer experience from a variety of B2B and B2C organizations and perspectives.

Blia Lee, CXPA Program Assistant

I am thankful to be part of an engaging CX community. In the three years I have been with CXPA, I have learned so much from our members and their passion in spreading CX. During this pandemic, the CX community's caring nature is even more apparent as we are here for one another through it all.

Erna Alfred Liousas, CCXP, Strategist & HealthTech Entrepreneur, U*Realized

CX professionals remind companies to be human. The pandemic continues to test that principle. Yet, doing what's right for the customer and employees results in beneficial outcomes for everyone. I'm grateful to be part of a community that leads with humanity first.

Greg Melia, CAE, CEO, CXPA

I’m thankful for the generosity of CXPA members who champion and support one another in advancing CX.

Annette Pedroza, CCXP, Director, Customer Experience, McAfee

I'm grateful for this community. Everyone I encounter is so willing to share their knowledge and help each other. I passed the CCXP exam this year and loved having a study group of other members (Thank you, Valerie!!) to help prepare. There was some great camaraderie and competitiveness that made it fun and something I looked forward to every week.

Molly Perrin, Membership Community Manager, CXPA

I am most thankful for the close-knit community our members have created with one another. It is a joy to see them cheer each other on, offer each other advice, and support one another. They seem to have the utmost respect for one another but also are not afraid to question or challenge each other in the spirit of improving things for customers everywhere.

Mark Ratekin, CCXP, Principal Director, Global CX Consulting, Confirmit

2020 will not be remembered as a great year by just about any measure; however, the pandemic reminded us to treat each other with empathy, compassion, and care, which I would argue are basic tenets of both the customer and employee experience. As I reflect on the last year, I am thankful for the clients and teams that I am privileged to work with – we worked together to continue the important work of promoting CX, all while adjusting to new realities in terms of how (and where) we work. Above and beyond the work, however, we took care to check in on each other, lend support where needed, and to be more understanding. I'm also thankful that they tolerated (and didn't make too much fun of) my awful COVID hair……

Gabe Smith, CCXP, Content Manager, CXPA

I give thanks to all those who are creating and sharing articles, e-books, webinars, that help CX practitioners grow their knowledge and advance their careers.

Joy Wedge, Marketing Manager, CXPA

As the key person who manages social media, I’m grateful to have over 40K followers on LinkedIn. It is always great to see comments, likes, and hearts on posts. I’m grateful that people enjoy the amazing content from CXPA. I’m grateful that CXPA is able to reach so many people virtually to offer guidance and encouragement. It’s amazing to see the support and interactions of CX professionals from all around the world. This year, 2020, we have seen so many more people active online, and social media has helped our community stay connected and find creative ways to share valuable CX knowledge.