CXPA Announces 2020 CX Impact Award Winners

By Gabe Smith CCXP posted 10-01-2020 05:32 PM


CXPA’s annual Impact Awards recognize the critical role that CX professionals play in driving better customer experiences and business outcomes in their organizations.

On CX Day--Tuesday, October 6th--CXPA revealed this year's winners during a special live stream event. Read the highlights of their accomplishments, and make sure to check out the award show replay if you missed it!

Steve Bieri-Client Experience Advocate, IBM

Highlights of Accomplishment: IBM pivoted to completely transform what it was doing with the feedback from client surveys. “We took our core team, and brought in people from other functions within IBM and in the channel, our partner ecosystem. We made squads and then aligned them along the journey that a partner has with IBM.”

Most Proud Of: Just like a proud papa, Steve beams when he talks about the accomplishments of his team at IBM. “I’m trying to be a servant leader; to shepherd these folks and get these unbelievably talented people to really to focus on the things that they do really well and make a difference with what we're trying to do with our client advocates.”


Serena Riley, CCXP—Director, Customer Experience at LLamasoft

Highlights of Accomplishment: Prior to 2020, LLamasoft customers would need to go to 7 – 13 unique URLs, and activate five unique username/password accounts, to gain access to product installers, support resources, and license information. Now, with the launch of the LLamasoft Community Portal, those disparate websites have been consolidated into one single site.

Most Proud Of: Investing in CX by creating the community portal is something Serena has waited a long time to see, but knows the company must continue to iterate on, too. “It has been great to be able to apply the CX discipline, design [a solution] in a way that’s meaningful and valuable to our customers and our internal employees … and be able to really showcase how we can bring that advisory and consultancy kind of role to a big project like this.”


Russ Shield—VP, Single Family, Fannie Mae

Highlights of Accomplishment: Customer account management has multiple touchpoints at Fannie Mae – from delivering loans, servicing loans, technology support and overseeing consumer outreach. That’s about 400,000 interactions per year. This year, the CX team drilled down into why people are calling with the goal of taking those insights to create consistent outcomes that will result in better customer experiences.

Most Proud Of: In addition to the way his team has weathered the COVID crisis and become stronger because of it, Russ is proud that his team doesn’t stop trying to improve. “It’s not ‘OK, now we’re done,’ it’s ‘how can we push to the next level,’ ‘how do we get better insights’ ‘how do we get better at problem solving?’ It’s a mindset of ‘this is good,’ now ‘ how do we take good to great and continually improve?’” That drive is what has resulted in an “enterprise standard” for customer experience within Fannie Mae – and the team is now exporting that mindset to other groups within the company. “Some of the principles and processes that we built for our interactions are now being propagated throughout the organization,” he said.


Roxie Strohmenger, CCXP—Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy, UKG

Highlights of Accomplishment:  By helping to define what the credo "Our Purpose Is People" means from a CX perspective at UKG, Roxie’s team was able to take things up a notch and create a “north star” to guide the process. As the diagnostics, explanations and prioritizations, guidance and monitoring efforts were built out, this enabled a company-wide focus that significantly moved the needle on customer experience.

Most Proud Of: Creating a partnership with company leaders is what gets Roxie up in the morning. Historically, CX was thought of as a survey or a score; now, the practice is ingrained in the organization and her team is viewed as a trusted partner. “It’s a two-way street. They created the opportunity and gave me the runway to run very quickly, which I’m immensely and deeply grateful for,” she said.