How We're Celebrating CX Day 2020

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 09-24-2020 04:27 PM


Curious about how you can celebrate CX Day this year?

If you missed our special CX Day Sneak Peek live stream event earlier this week, have no fear--we've compiled a few key quotes:

"CX Day is a time to celebrate you the work that you've been doing, celebrate your customers, celebrate your peers at your organization who are coming together to make great customer experiences happen, not just on October 6, but throughout the entire year." -Greg Melia, CAE, CEO of CXPA

"We plan to make this a really compelling, interactive virtual conversation, and we need you here with us. So this is going to play out in a few different ways. And the first is through three free panel discussions on topics that are critical to those that are in the CX profession today." Gabe Smith, CCXP, Content Manager, CXPA

"When you visit our pages on CX day, you'll see a ton of different video assets. You'll see global good morning videos starting at the beginning of the day. You'll see messages from your CX peers, and you'll see people cheering you on in helping you celebrate the CX industry. If you join us on social media, you'll see some really fun videos and you'll see some videos that give you some good career advice." Joy Wedge, Marketing Manager, CXPA

"If it ends up working for your schedule, you're more than welcome to join anything that is happening all across the globe. So what's really special about CX Day 2020 is just how open and accessible it is for everybody to join what's happening all across the globe. And if you play your cards, right, and you manage your schedule, you can certainly turn CX Day into a full day's experience." Derik Iverson, Membership Community Manager, CXPA

Want to watch the preview event? Check it out here: