CXPA Roundup: Online Learning Opportunities for CX Pros

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 27 days ago


It’s been six weeks since CXPA announced the postponement of Global Insight Exchange. In what seemed like an instant, I went from lining up an incredible array of Global CX leaders to speak and lead workshops at an amazing destination…to wondering how to keep my overgrown hair under control and my 4-year-old daughter out of my office during calls.

The disruption has been unsettling for all and devastating for some, and it’s never been a more critical time to invest in your personal development. In-person learning opportunities have stopped for the foreseeable future, but your professional development shouldn’t. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to earn some CCXP renewal credits or simply wish to grow your understanding of CX practice, here are a few options to quench your thirst for knowledge.

CXPA’s Recognized Training Providers

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped CXPA’s Recognized Training Providers. Several of these providers are offering virtual learning opportunities that can be used to hone your CX skills—and earn those credits--from the comfort of your own home. CX University and ClearAction Continuum offer online trainings and e-learnings on all aspects of the CX discipline to professionals from around the globe. Omnitouch International is holding a 2-day virtual CCXP prep workshop for those in Europe, and Customer Experience Consultancy, Ltd is holding a one-day CX masterclass for practitioners in South America. Koyopo has Asia covered through its virtual learning offerings. We’re proud to be affiliated with these RTPs who are advancing the CX discipline through virtual learning.

Educational Webinars

As the calendar turns to May, there’s a diverse array of upcoming webinars and online conferences to keep you connected and informed. Want to learn how to use AI and machine learning to take your CX efforts to the next level? Check out the Emotion AI conference. Perhaps you’re interested in future-proofing your VoC program, or getting more value out of your unstructured feedback. Or maybe you’re wondering how you can better quantify CX wins and tell the story of your program successes. We’ve even got you Young woman at a laptopcovered if you want to learn more about speech analytics or crisis communications. Finally—if you’ve ever wondered how CX is like a relay race, this webinar will help you get your program across the finish line.

Be sure to check out CXPA’s event calendar to find something that excites and engages you.

Other Learning Resources

The generosity of the CX community never ceases to amaze. Jeannie Walters, CCXP has several CX-focused courses on LinkedIn Learning and shared a link with me that you can use for a free 30-day trial.

CXPA members continue to give back and enroll as mentors and mentees at a brisk pace. If you’d find value in a mentoring relationship, take a look at the program here.

Finally, the discussion forum is a great way to learn from other CX pros and find out the latest happenings in our community. What are some of your favorite online learning resources?