Advancing CX through conversation: New insight report from CXPA, Deloitte Digital and Natter

By CXPA Admin posted 26 days ago


The world of CX is quickly evolving. CXPA is committed to partnering with you and other organizations to help you keep up with the latest developments. Recently, we partnered with Deloitte Digital and Natter to investigate CX leaders’ perceptions, practices, and questions around the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer experience – especially its relationship to human connection.     

To ensure a well-rounded set of perspectives, senior CX leaders from the Deloitte Digital and CXPA 

communities were invited to participate in a unique online engagement through the Natter Platform. Natter is a technology platform designed to gather people insights at scale by curating meaningful online events that allow an organization to tap into the richness of individual conversations.


As participants entered the event, they completed a short questionnaire that gathered insight on AI practices in their CX program and participant demographics. The event began with Deloitte Digital’s Chief Experience Officer Amelia Dunlop setting the context for the conversation with an excellent presentation on the diversity of perceptions and predictions about the impact of AI. Participants were also paired in a series of structured one-on-one conversations to engage and react to the information presented. Two short panels featuring Deloitte Digital and CXPA community leaders added further food for thought, delving into practical examples drawn from a wide range of industries. 

The Natter platform monitored all conversations, and following the session the Deloitte Digital, Natter and CXPA used questionnaire responses and conversational analysis to identify key takeaways. This report, entitled “The AI Paradox: Technology, Humanity and the Customer experience,” has many great insights including these four:

1.        CX leaders display an AI ‘optimism gap’ with ambitions currently outpacing adoption.

2.        CX leaders believe that AI will expand the scope and quality of the customer experience.

3.        CX Leaders want to ensure employee engagement with AI before looking outwards.

4.        CX leaders are adopting AI faster than employee and workforce experience leaders.

The full report is now available to CXPA members for free download here (CXPA member log-in required) or through Natter and Deloitte Digital.        

Look for communications about the CXPA-Natter collaboration and make sure to be a part of next conversation to advance CX – together.