Joining a CX Twitter Chat

By CXPA Admin posted 09-26-2017 10:45 AM


We are excited that you've decided to participate in an upcoming Customer Experience chat on Twitter.  These "Twitter Chats" can be fun, informative and fast-paced.  We've written a few pointers to help you prepare for an upcoming #CXChat or #CXPAChat.  We look forward to tweeting alongside you soon... 

Before the Chat:

-Log in to your Twitter account. If you don't have one, you can easily sign up for a free account.

-Approximately ten minutes before the event starts, do a search in the top right hand corner of the page for #CXChat or #CXDay depending on the designated "hashtag" to view tweets from the moderator and other participants before the chat starts. When anyone tweets with the hashtag #CXChat or #CXDay, it will be visible when you search for and follow the hashtag.

-Consider following the moderator's Twitter account. Available Twitter handles for moderators are posted above.

-Consider using to more easily follow the discussion using the hashtag. This feature is also available in apps like HootSuite, TweetDeck and other similar Twitter apps. These modes will automatically include the hashtag into your tweets.

During the Chat:

-The moderator's questions will be tagged numerically. For example, the first question will be tagged Q1, the second question will be tagged Q2, and so on. When you respond to a particular question, use A1 to indicate you are answering Question 1, A2 to indicate you are answering Question 2, and so on.

-The moderator will guide the discussion and keep the conversation on track.

-If you are participating from within Twitter, be sure to add #CXChat or #CXDay to your response.

-If you'd like to direct a question or response to a particular person, you can do that by including their Twitter handle (for example, @CXPA_Assoc) in your Tweet.

-When using the hashtag, stay on topic. If you want to go off-topic with another participant, you can do so by tweeting directly to them using their handle.

-There are different ways to participate. You can simply watch the conversation unfold, or jump in whenever you'd like. If you are jumping in late, please be sure to check and see what has already been discussed so you can avoid repeating earlier topics.

-Share, share, share! This is a time to network, connect with like-minded professionals, to be heard and to listen. Favorite, retweet and respond to posts that interest you. And have fun!