Changes Coming to CCXP Exam This Year

By CXPA Admin posted 08-28-2017 07:08 PM

thumbnail imageJ.C. Paradise, CCXP

Our CCXP Board led by Barbie Fink, CCXP, Director Customer and Employee Experience at Adobe has worked this summer with approximately 40 Certified Customer Experience Professionals (CCXPs) to develop more questions for the CCXP exam.  By the end of the year, we hope to roll out new versions of the certification exam that will have more questions and include the latest knowledge and understanding from the customer experience discipline.

Derik Iverson, CCXP Community Manager sat down with J.C. Paradise, CCXP who has been instrumental in this effort to ask a few questions:

  1. Why is the current CCXP exam item update effort important?                                                

The world of the CX is constantly evolving. In just the past 10 years it has incorporated best practices from the fields of Innovation, Change Management, Social Media, Collaboration and Technology to name just a few. The exam rewrite is necessary to reflect the expanded breadth of the present body of knowledge. 

  1. What does the update effort mean for those preparing to sit for the exam?

Those considering taking the exam can be assured that it will address the many types of CX challenges and situations that they have experienced or will encounter in today's business environment. Earning the CCXP designation will signify you are a subject matter expert in both the theory and the practical real-life application of CX management.

  1. How would you suggest CCXP candidates prepare for the exam?

The exam requires an understanding of CX concepts together with those of market research, change management, strategic planning, project management, statistics and quality process management and improvement. The well-prepared candidate will have both a solid background in these areas and the work experience actually applying these concepts within a business. 


This volunteer opportunity has helped bring the CCXP community together and has encouraged future leadership.  The new exam will progress from the 70-question version to a full 100 questions.

On behalf of everyone involved with CCXP we want to thank the following Certified Customer Experience Professionals for their incredible efforts this summer in overhauling the CCXP exam by providing new and insightful exam questions for potential use on new versions.

Special Team Captains:
Diane Simmons                                Michelle Yaiser                                Nicole Newton                       J.C. Paradise

Question Writing Volunteers:

Julia Ahlfeldt                                     Dagmar Albers                                 Nick Batt

Gregory Bell                                      Gerry Brown                                     Michelle Buretta

Aileen Cahill                                      Michelle Ebbs                                   Lauren Feehrer

Barbie Fink                                        Karyn Furstman                                Saari Gardner

Julie Gatton                                      Drew Hall                                          Jeffrey Hursey

David Jackson                                   Sandra Klausmeyer                          Cynthia Lait

Kieren Layton                                   Mark Lees                                         Brian Lunde

Amy Manning                                   Marlanges Marseille-Simar           Vince Mirabelli

Michelle Morris                                  Beth Richardson                              Melanie Siewert

Diane Scalley                                    David Shearon                                  Elizabeth Tanner

Therese Steiner                                Leigh Stokes                                     Michelle Yakovac

Jeannie Walters                               Jennifer Wright                                

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