2017 CXPA Insight Exchange Show and Tell Resources VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER, INSIGHTS & UNDERSTANDING

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2017 CXPA Insight Exchange Show and Tell Resources  VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER, INSIGHTS & UNDERSTANDING

CXPA welcomed 84 unique presenters and filled 105 tables during the two-day event and three Show and Tell sessions.  Presenters spoke to small groups around a table for a period of 18 minutes sharing best practices, tools, tips and lessons learned.  Some of those presentations and resources are now available to CXPA members.  You can find the slide decks linked below.  We look forward to bring you more detailed opportunities through webinars and calls to better explore some of these topics.

*Some table topics do not have associated slides decks, and or we are working with the presenter to add those at a later date. 

*Insights Touchpoint Management: Agile VOC Method for Operationalizing Insights to Drive Action
Chad Toppass , Nintendo

Conquer the challenges of aligning insights from disparate sources, quickly develop a deep understanding of customer issues and ensure your VOC program drives measurable business results. This is a story of how Nintendo capitalized on VOC during the launch of Nintendo Switch.

Avoid the Dreaded Waning Interest
Nancy Hegarty, NEH Consulting

Many customer-focused efforts lose steam and momentum when it comes to implementing change, causing them to fall short of their full potential. Frequently this stems from a lack of understanding across the business of the issues, pain points, and opportunities. Learn about the methodology, consistently applied as a practitioner for analyzing, synthesizing, and prioritizing qualitative data from deep-dive customer meetings.

*Engaging and Embracing Customers During M&A Turbulence 
Mark Smith, Element

Merger and acquisition activity is heating up again. Almost every company is changing and if your company is not, chances are your customers are. Historically, M&A activities have lead to disruption, frustration, and lost customers. Join us for a discussion on a different approach that engages customers in the process. Element is just completing a merger that doubled the size of its business and have retained more than 99% of its customers.

Power of Listening
Judy Bloch & Michelle Brigman, Citi

Citi continually adapts its listening strategies to provide high-quality Omni-channel customer service. Be inspired on how you can: create an early-warning system to identify customer pain points and resolve them quickly; develop a holistic view of your customer’s behavior, including how changes in digital trends impact other servicing channels; and bolster your customer’s loyalty by providing “in the moment” guidance.

Using Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) to Understand Your Customers
Andrei Radulescu, Verisign

Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) 101: JTBD is both a management theory and a set of market research frameworks that provide a causal explanation for customer purchase, adoption, and re-purchase behavior. Use JTBD to develop a detailed understanding of your customer and eliminate risk from your CX innovation efforts.


*One Voice - Our Universal Tool for Coding Verbatim
Jim Katzman, Asurion

Approximately four years ago, Asurion set out to create its own verbatim code frame. The company leveraged front-line associates to code VOC feedback using Asurion’s very own One Voice toolkit. As a result, the company has leveraged One Voice across the enterprise to drive continuous improvement from the voice of the customer.

Take Control of Your Customer’s Destination with Journey Optimization
Lance Redford & Eliot Gillum, NICE

Two solution executives from NICE Customer eXperience Analytics platform will discuss taking control of your customer’s destination with journey optimization. This means winning the customer experience, empowering your brand with actionable insights from customer engagements, creating efficiency while delivering moments that foster loyalty, and advocacy.

Customer Advisory Board
Elly Domene, O3b Networks

How do you successfully set up a highly-collaborative Customer Advisory Board, and leverage this strategic forum to the extent it becomes the most influential customer program?


*The CX Lab: Turning Customer Feedback Into an Actionable Improvement Plan
Melinda Gonzalez, Melinda Gonzalez Advisors

So, you’ve got a great model for collecting customer feedback. Now comes the hard part – developing a plan of action! Join this session to learn about a framework for conducting cross functional root cause analysis, and developing a scorecard to systematize your customer experience improvements.

The Value of Live Listening
Amanda Page and Kitty Cheeks, Cisco Systems

What is live listening? When would you use it? And how can you make it scalable? Learn about the experiences of using Live Listening in different ways to either add qualitative insights following a survey, gain greater insights into emotion behind the customer experience and deliver valuable recommendations, and next steps to the business. Come be a part of a good discussion about the value of a more human-to-human approach to customer listening.

*Cause if You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put a RING On It
Keren Shaked, B-Pro Ltd.

The VOC RING is the name of the central VOC initiative in Fiverr, the world's largest freelance services marketplace. Learn about the challenges and achievements of moving from multiple standalone VOCs initiatives to a company-wide central VOC management, in a completely digital, fast-growing company.

*NPS and Qualtrics
Jill Helmle, Becton, Dickinson and Company

Learn about a NPS program that targets a smaller customer population and how the closed loop process is critical to its success. This program utilizes Qualtrics Insights and Vocalize platforms.

*Global Customer Reference Program - Building Loyalty and Enhancing Customer Experience
Somesh Chablani, Fidelity National Information Services (FIS)

FIS Treasury & Receivables rolled out the Global Customer Reference Program in 2016. The objective of the Reference program is to focus on customer retention, build customer loyalty, and increase in wallet share (revenue). The program has been successfully rolled out across three regions (NA, EMEA and APJ) with a very positive response from customers.

*Taking the Pulse on Customer Health: A CX Measurement Framework
Martin Mehalchin & Antje Helfrich, Lenati, LLC

Attendees will learn how to develop a robust view of overall customer health by enriching customer feedback and satisfaction scores with metrics on customer behavior, and by connecting CX metrics to business outcomes.

*CX Storytelling
Leslie Pagel, Walker

CX leaders are frequently called on to make important presentations. However, too often our message falls short. Too much data. Too much PowerPoint. Join us as we share tips on telling compelling stories that inspire employee engagement and customer-focused action.

Creating Customer Delight By Sharing Insights
Janis Avila, Consultant

Learn five tips to effectively facilitate cross-functional employee and customer insight sessions about the customer's journey. Learn simple and impactful ways to use video and a customer room to build empathy and understanding across the organization.

Capturing the Voice of Employees Via a Digital Community
Julie Ryan, Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson developed a digital community to integrate the voice of its global Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) into its Customer Experience Program. The CSRs serve as the “face of Johnson & Johnson” to our customers each day, and we wanted to foster an internal community of listening and learning. This digital community provides a forum for CSRs to share their ideas, express their needs, and connect with their peers around the world.

Consumer/Customer Insights in an Omni-Channel Environment
Dale Conwell, TELERX

Check out this opportunity to view a new consumer/customer insights solution that brings in all omni-channel data including digital/social. This solution incorporates voice analytics and sentiment across all channels while leveraging machine learning, with the added benefit of measuring the accuracy of coding, AE, and PQC escalations, and providing near real-time consumer/customer insights.