Under the Hood: CXPA Update on COVID-19

By Annette Franz,CCXP posted 05-21-2020 02:08 PM


We hope this message finds you healthy. We are writing to share an update on CXPA Board and staff leadership considerations during this pandemic and actions we are taking to support the CXPA community.

Despite some direct impacts from the pandemic (conference postponement, closed CCXP testing facilities, and Network event limitations), your association is overall in a solid operating position. Our staff has made the transition to working on a fully remote basis, and progress continues toward the goals outlined by the Board. Thanks to strong business planning and the continued support of our Sponsors and members, we are in a financial position to support all of this.stop-5032779_1920.jpg

The Board and staff have also been monitoring news, keeping an eye on the industry, and most importantly, listening to the CXPA community. We heard and responded, for example, to needs from local Network leaders to support virtual gatherings, from CCXPs and candidates about the need for extended deadlines. Our recent survey asking about the impact of COVID-19 on members has given us additional preliminary insight:

  • Impact on employment is less dramatic than many other sectors
    • 70% have not had an impact on their employment
    • 17% experienced reduced work hours
    • 7% experienced job loss
    • 2% were furloughed
  • Respondents reported economic concern about their industry and employer
    • 79% are concerned about COVID-19’s economic impact on their profession/industry
    • 58% are worried about the economic outlook for their employer
  • When asked how CXPA can best help:
    • 66% indicated by providing increased virtual/remote networking opportunities
    • 63% suggested online education targeted to navigating challenges posed by the virus
    • 62% sought data on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our profession/industry

While we have already taken steps in these directions, our considerations have led us to believe that we should prepare for the potential of a prolonged impact on our personal and professional lives. Foremost, we must continue to do our part to help protect public health.  Additionally, we must also consider the changing economic conditions, corporate policies, family responsibilities, and personal circumstances that may impact CXPA and the CXPA community.

This new environment means that we must innovate in how we deliver value to you, regardless of your location and your ability to participate in-person.  As a result, CXPA will be a “virtual first” organization through CX Day (October 6) and likely the end of 2020. Making this commitment now will allow us to focus on improving our online and virtual capacities to best serve the entire CXPA community.

What does it mean to be a “virtual first” organization? It means that the CXPA Board and staff will shift all CXPA meetings to a virtual format, and we encourage all partners and Networks to join us in this commitment for CXPA activities this year.  In the coming weeks, we will share further plans to enhance virtual connections, expand online learning, and news about the virtual celebration of CX Day.

We share a desire for this health crisis to pass, economies to recover, and for the CXPA community to come together again in-person. Right now, we recognize that the best way to work towards that is to work remotely to support CX as a strategy to help the world endure and recover from this pandemic. We promise to continue to strive to do the best job we can at that to support you and your organization, and as always, welcome your thoughts and suggestions on what we can do better.

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05-22-2020 11:34 AM

excellent article. Thank you CXPA for all of your efforts to keep us connected and up to date! I really appreciate the virtual LNE support.