Karyn Furstman, CCXP

Senior Experience Management Scientist, Customer Experience at Qualtrics

Karyn is a results proven P&L executive with 25 years experience in senior leadership roles in marketing, brand management, advertising, product management, customer experience and CRM in retail and financial services. She has served as Vice President, Agent & Customer Experience at Safeco Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Company and Vice President, Customer Experience at Safeco Insurance among other roles.

Prior to joining Safeco Insurance, Karyn was the Chief Customer Officer/Customer Experience Executive at Washington Mutual, where she was responsible for development and execution of the overall strategy. Karyn and her team improved quality and consistency of the customer experience while driving satisfaction and loyalty to further the brand positioning and delight the customer.

As Senior Vice President, Marketing Director for JPMorgan Chase, Karyn oversaw the Washington Mutual Customer Communications transition team. Karyn was also a Senior Vice President with Bank of America for over ten years in a variety of positions including sales support, product management, marketing communications and technology strategy.

Karyn serves on a number of national and regional boards, both business and non-profit including the Freedom Writers Foundation and Bellevue School Foundation.