Desirree Madison-Biggs, CCXP

Customer Experience Design & Improvement Program Manager at AirBnB

Desirree Madison-Biggs currently is the Customer Experience NPS Programs Director at AirBnB. With experience in running customer loyalty programs in the high tech industry for over 15 years, she has led her team in the building of world-class voice of the customer and communication programs that deliver actionable customer insight and enable employees to drive increased loyalty. She directs the global Net Promoter program for all three customer segments, business, consumer and partner.

Prior to coming to AirBnB, Desirree ran the Customer Loyalty Program at Business Objects and spent 10 years running sales and account management teams for start-up companies in the Silicon Valley. She began her career in business in Human Resources at Xerox Corporation. Prior to her career in business she worked with juvenile delinquents and their families.

Desirree graduated from George Fox University with a B.S. degree in Social Work and minor in Business.