CXPA Member Awards

The CXPA recognizes members who are going the extra mile on an annual basis, and recognizes members who are volunteering passionately on a quarterly basis.

The current award winners are listed on this page, to review past winners, choose from the options below.

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2018 Extra Mile Award Winners

Gerry Brown, CCXP – Single-handedly made the Customer Spark Birmingham event happen. He has been instrumental in the UK recruiting speakers, finding the location and has also joined and participated in the International Advisory Group and the spin-off Media Management that is seeking opportunities where we can promote CXPA through hot topics in the media.

Barbie Fink, CCXP – has poured an incredible amount of energy into CCXP over this past year as we transferred the management from Virtual.

Cynthia Lait, CCXP – one of our CXPA Network Leads (alongside Jeannie Walters). She has been instrumental this year in working with Derik to build the policy and lead a special team on putting together guidance and structure. A huge amount of volunteer effort and leadership – she is phenomenal.

JC Paradise, CCXP – He is absolutely awesome. He stepped up this summer to help with the CCXP question writing effort. He took on more and more for Barbie and is not part of the CCXP Advisory team led by Barbie. He has taken on hours of question reviews, exam form reviews and personally took on figuring out how we put together the new upcoming resource training and so forth.

Nicole Newton, CCXP – Like JC she has committed a significant amount of time for the CCXP questions, review and exam review as well as heavy volunteering for the Insight Exchange – last year she co-led the Show and tell piece which was significant. She is once again volunteering heavily on Insight Exchange this year and participates in her Minneapolis CXPA Network.

Anita Siassios, CCXP – A very passionate and dedicated CXPA member spearheading the CXPA growth in Australia. She has started up the Melbourne Networking team and is working to bring on at least three other cities in Australia. She has worked tirelessly on the Networking team that has worked on developing the policy and guidance for new teams. She also joined the Media Management and International Advisory teams as well as worked to scheduled CX Day online content and at least two other Australia-centric CXPA webinars.