CX Impact Awards 2013

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Congratulations to the winners of the first annual CX Impact Awards winners. Chosen from dozens of entries, these individuals represent customer experience excellence.

Ashish Mehta

Adobe Systems India, Member of Technical Staff

Ashish MehtaCustomer Experience Highlight: Ashish is a development engineer on the team responsible for developing shared technologies, services and frameworks that are used by the majority of desktop software products developed by Adobe Systems. Even though it is not Ashish's primary responsibility, he watches Adobe Forums to gauge the customer issues after every major release. He often identifies customers facing issues that the support organization is unable to resolve, and reaches out to those customers directly. Ashish “goes above and beyond his duty” to setup video and screen share conferences with customers to help isolate the possible issues and resolve them quickly. He shares his experience and feedback from these interactions with product management and engineering, saving other customers from facing similar issues.

Recipient Quote: For a product company like Adobe, Customer is god and we ensure that our god is happy with us.

It feels great to be acknowledged globally for my effort toward Customer Satisfaction. Being a software developer, I always write code to ensure that it does not produce bug to quality engineers as well as to customer but when a customer reports any weird behavior of our application on forums or on any social networking website like Twitter or Facebook then it tends me to contact them so as to know why the application behaved like that on user’s machine. It is always a learning experience to debug the issue as the customer’s machine is always different and unique as compared to our test machines. These customer interactions make you feel more accountable and responsible to write a quality code.

Twitter: @mehtaashish23

Patti Hoerner

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Customer Experience Manager

Patti Hoerner

Customer Experience Highlight: Patti leads BCBS Michigan's internal CX strategy efforts, referred to as E4 (Educate, Equip and Empower Employees), which helps employees throughout the company better understand and empathize with the different needs and expectations of our customers. Through a series of initiatives, the strategy she has led empowers employees with the tools and understanding to do their jobs in ways that improve the customer experience. Aside from championing the six initiatives that comprise the E4 modules completed to date, Patti was also our internal project lead for each module. This includes Patti's efforts to drive the development of BCBSM's award-winning Customer Experience Room and the launch of our Clear and Simple program, which are helping make BCBSM easy to understand and easy to do business with for our customers.

Recipient Quote:Thank you for the award. I couldn't be more surprised or honored. Of course, nothing occurs in a vacuum and out success here at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is possible due to every person on the team and our great leadership.

Ryan Pellet

Nexidia, Senior Vice President

Ryan PelletCustomer Experience Highlight: Ryan is a recognized expert in strategy development using behavioral and business analytics. Ryan has coached Nexidia clients to understand that the challenge in using data to manage customer experience is separating the signal from the noise. Ryan's team creates clarity and actionability by helping Nexidia's customers focus their efforts. His team has shown customers how to use Interaction Analytics in incremental phases, resulting in action and results. Through Ryan's leadership, Nexidia has delivered hundreds of millions in accretive ROI for its client companies. As a result, customers are excited, self-referenced, and have won multiple awards for their implementation and use of Nexidia Interaction Analytics.

Recipient Quote:I am very proud of what our team has accomplished through Nexidia Interaction Analytics. Recognition from the CXPA celebrates of a lot of great people working very hard to bring value to our clients through the customer’s experience.

Twitter: @RyanPellet

Stephanie Hoehndorf

Savvis, a CenturyLink Company, Director, Global Client Loyalty and Retention Intelligence

Stephanie HoehndorfCustomer Experience Highlight: After realizing its existing feedback processes were not delivering the insights needed to help Savvis achieve its growth objectives, Stephenie led the implementation of a new VoC program integrating NPS and Six Sigma efforts. This led to the addition of an employee survey and the launch of Savvis's Experience Improvement initiative. As a result of customer and employee feedback, the Experience Improvement initiative has been one of highest-profile efforts company wide. Stephenie is now leading work introducing a customer empathy program to spotlight and share customer stories with employees.

Recipient Quote: It is an honor to be recognized among a vast array of talented customer experience professionals who share a sincere focus on ensuring that every customer interaction is professional, meaningful and impactful.


Sue Roberts

Shop Direct, Customer Experience Programme Manager

Sue RobertsCustomer Experience Highlight: Sue Roberts has led the team which has spearheaded Shop Direct's approach to improving the customer experience by translating customer feedback (from Net Promoter Score and other sources such as social media and complaints) into action plans, and driving forward a change agenda across all areas of this multi-national business. Sue's work has focused on changing the views of senior stakeholders across the business to prioritize strategic improvements in order to drive the biggest improvement to the customer experience with limited resources. Following six months of hard work by cross-functional teams that Sue facilitates, since the launch of NPS in Shop Direct, its customers have benefited from over 200 improvements to address the four biggest customer issues identified from customer feedback.

Recipient Quote: I’m delighted to have been recognised for this work which has been a real collaborative effort across Shop Direct. We are only 6 months into our NPS programme and we are very positive and excited about the continuous and future improvements we will make to our customer experience.

Nancy Porte

Verint, Vice President, Customer Experience

Nancy PorteCustomer Experience Highlight: As a result of the work done during customer journey mapping led by Nancy, she and her team identified and are implementing improvements in three customer interactions that need to go well in order to ensure loyalty: new client onboarding, product training, and visibility to the future product roadmap. Nancy also formed an online Product Advisory Council to complement the existing Customer Advisory Council as a channel for feedback and creating transparency with customers.

Recipient Quote: What a great honor to be named amongst the recipients of the first annual CX Impact Awards. I’m pleased to see the work we collectively do to encourage and embed customer-centricity into our corporate cultures gain recognition. From innovative client initiatives to best practices from the CXPA member base, I’m inspired every day by efforts to create great customer experiences.

Twitter: @nporte

Alicia Holloway

Arizona Public Service Company, Claims Adjustor

Alicia HollowayCustomer Experience Highlight: Prior to the project Alicia led, when customers called in with potential claims, the handling process led customers to believe that there was a possibility that their claim would be approved, even if it did not meet the standard criteria. To improve this process, Alicia led the effort to educate the associates who handle the first customer contact so that they could better explain the process and perform an initial criteria screening. Claims Adjustors are now able to focus their efforts on submitted claims that have passed the initial screening. Alicia's work with Customer Service on improving this process demonstrated that improving customer-facing processes can result in improved efficiency and cost savings, as well as a better experience for the customer.

Recipient Quote: Thank you kindly. It is a privilege and an honor to receive this award.

Pamela Jo Hynes

Interactive Intelligence, Inc., Vice President of Client Success and Education

Pamela Jo HynesCustomer Experience Highlight: In August of 2011, Pam created the Client Success Team whose goal was to ensure customers were getting the full value of Interactive Intelligence’s solutions and services. Since that time, she has formed a global team of Client Success Managers, implemented the Net Promoter methodology as part of a measurements and metrics program, and rolled out an internal effort called “Putting Customers First” to raise awareness among employees with a journey mapping project and other activities. Pam’s work on these and other actions has resulted in improved survey response rates, higher NPS scores, and customer’s sharing their positive experiences with prospects, analysts, and consultants.

Recipient Quote: I am very excited and thankful for this award. This award is really for the fabulous team we have put together here. As a team we have accomplished a lot in the last 2+ years but still have a long way to go. We all work for a great company that has seen the value and made the investment in our customers. Our vision is to make customer service a competitive weapon for our customers.

​Twitter: @JoPamH

Stephanie Bottner

Pear Tree Greetings, General Manager

Stephanie BottnerCustomer Experience Highlight: Since Stephanie joined Pear Tree Greetings two years ago, she has escalated efforts to monitor and measure the customer experience, and act on these real-time data and insights - helping create a customer-centric culture that spans all levels of the company. She has spearheaded important areas that have positively impacted Pear Tree's business and, most importantly, its customers. Some of these efforts include: establishing a referral program to cultivate and reward loyal customers, growing social efforts to build a true customer community, and developing a system of rewards for employees, based on customer feedback and data. Stephanie and her team's efforts have yielded a culture where customers know their voice is being heard and, most importantly, acted upon.

Recipient Quote: What an honor! While this award signifies the progress we have made, there is always more to do. We take this award as further initiative to push ourselves even harder. Thank you!


Misia Tramp

SDL, Vice President of Insight and Innovation

Customer Experience Highlight: Misia is the inventor of SDL’s Customer Commitment Framework which is a new measurement system targeted at measuring the ‘white space’ in CX. Implementation of this framework has allowed SDL to provide data-driven justification for existing processes, as well as for solutions to customer pain points. As a result, Misia has developed a balance scorecard that weighs customer relationships, operations, and other business metrics relative to each other and built a set of capabilities to allow ongoing access to customers and consumers through online communities, along with working to rollout internal education on the importance of CX to employees.

Scott Burditt

UMB Bank, Senior Vice President Client Experience & Channel Operations

Scott BurdittCustomer Experience Highlight: Under Scott's leadership, UMB set out to create a customer experience that was different from its competitors an experience that was personal and inspired action with customers to achieve financial confidence. This included using ethnography for the first time at UMB that invited bankers to spend time with customers in their homes, resulting in the creation of customer personas and an employee communications campaign to deepen their understanding of key customer segments. Scott's work also included rolling out a closed-loop NPS program, Top 10 customer issues improvement process, and piloting new advisor centers in branches.

Recipient Quote: It is an honor to work for an organization who has committed to delivering the unparalleled customer experience. UMB has provided an opportunity to me and my team to listen with greater curiosity to our clients and deliver a consistent experience across all channels. This honor is for all associates at UMB who commit to delivering the unparalleled customer experience every day they walk in the door to help our clients achieve financial confidence.

Noah Grayson

Walker, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services and Strategic Account Manager

Noah GraysonCustomer Experience Highlight: As a senior vice president and strategic account manager, Noah's primary responsibilities include the management of all aspects of client relationships, including design, implementation, and analysis of specific programs. He works with a variety of clients and has specialized in long-term client relationships in the communications and technology industries. By leveraging insights gleaned from their listening posts, Noah has helped one of his clients realize millions in cost savings by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of multiple customer-facing processes. And this client's teams are actively working on more processes improvement initiatives targeted at stakeholder priorities identified in the analysis phase. Each of these actions is tied to a learning uncovered as part of the stakeholder listening system.

Recipient Quote: It’s a terrific honor! I’ve been really fortunate to work with some great customer experience experts, both within Walker and within the clients we serve.

Twitter: @noahgrayson