Unwound Sessions

2019 Unwound Sharing Sessions

Come together with fellow CX professionals for these energetic, focused, open forum sessions to discuss in depth the hottest ideas in CX. Ideas will be brainstormed, feedback will be given and connections will be made. You will leave the session full of ideas on how to translate the latest innovations into real ideas for your organization. 

M2M.png= Member to Member

1. Implementing Customer Focused Change
Identifying customer-focused changes pales in comparison to actually getting it done. We’ll discuss the key obstacles and how to overcome them to accomplish real change. 

2. Going Beyond Surveys – Other Methods for Gathering Perceptions and Insights
We can’t constantly burden our customers with surveys. This group will discuss ways to gather customer insights to complement or augment your current survey initiatives. 

3. Aligning Culture, CX and EX
One of the top trends in 2019 is the alignment of Employee Experience (EX) with Customer Experience (CX) to drive growth. But is that all? In this session, we’ll chat about how culture, CX and EX must swim together so CX starts and continues on a high note.

4. Developing an Experience-Centric Culture 
Having the right culture can make all the difference. But where do you start and what can you really do to shift your culture? Let’s share our experiences and explore this topic together.

5. Measuring Customer Emotion 
A high percentage of customer decisions are emotionally based. But how can we measure something so intangible? We’ll discuss ways to gain better customer insights by understanding customer emotions.

6. Articulating the Value of CX 
As CX professionals we must relentlessly articulate the importance of CX throughout our organizations. In this session, we’ll share our successes and challenges in how we communicate the values we deliver.