Unwound Sessions

Come together with fellow CX professionals for these energetic, focused, open forum sessions to discuss in depth the hottest ideas in CX. Ideas will be brainstormed, feedback will be given and connections will be made. You will leave the session full of ideas on how to translate the latest innovations into real ideas for your organization. 

M2M.png= Member to Member


1. Show Me the Money
There is no shortage of opinion surveys of business leaders who say CX is important. But these opinions often don’t translate to tangible support for CX initiatives. How do CX professionals secure a dedicated budget for CX initiatives in organizations where leaders pay lip service to CX?

2. Stop Talking to Me While I'm Interrupting You
Almost every business has a formal survey program, but is the feedback used to improve the customer experience? ... or are we simply getting a number for our monthly NPS metric?  How can CX professionals create an effective closed loop feedback program?

3. If I Can't See It On a Spreadsheet, It is Not Significant
Why do so many business leaders seem interested only in cold, hard numbers?  How do you characterize the value of the "soft" aspects of the customer experience -- the things that fundamentally drive loyalty?  How do you measure empathy, understanding, personalization?

4. To Sell Or To Serve
ICMI says 80% of customers think businesses are more interested in selling them more stuff than they are with giving them good service.  How do CX professionals convince management to show the same interest in taking care of existing customers as they are with selling to new ones?

5. R.I.P. CX 
Forrester Research has said that 20% of brands will give up on strategic CX initiatives in 2019 and resort to price reduction for short-term gains. Similar predictions have been offered for CX practices in general. Have businesses lost the appetite to differentiate through a superior CX?

6. Reading for Everyday Inspiration: The CX Book Club
Let’s get together to talk about CX books. In this session, CX practitioners to share what they are reading and how these books are helping advance their knowledge of the CX profession.

7. To Build Empathy for Customers, You Must Use Customer Stories
It’s difficult to feel empathy for a data point or a CSAT score. If you want your CX team to truly care about customers, you’ll need to use storytelling in your CX practice. Which storytelling techniques should you use?

8. Software Hacks for Moving Mountains Without Spending (Much) Money
Let’s gather the wisdom of the CX village and share no-cost or low-cost ideas for getting more use out of software we’ve already purchased and finding free software or apps for specific CX needs. Are there any “off-label” uses of common software CX pros should know about?

9. Moving Mountains Around The World: Patient Experience
The Health sector is historically funded on high level ”technical” competencies about the human body, with the ones who know (physicians) and the ones who don’t know (patients): a typical ”INSIDE OUT” sector. Applying customer experience practices to patients is something very special, with specific issues: How can you listen not only to the patient’s “health problems”, but also to their expectations and feelings? In such an emotional environment, how can you ”delight” patients? For example, can you use NPS in patient experience: can you "recommend" an hospital to your friends when your only wish is that they’re not ill! A lot of questions to share on that targeted approach of customer experience, with some specific issues in the US, Europe, India and Australia!

10. Here's Real Proof of the ROI of CX
Convincing stakeholders to invest in CX can be like moving a mountain. They need to be convinced the investment will pay off. But "ROI" isn't black or white. If we invest some amount in CX, we will earn some worthwhile returns. This Unwound Session will discuss how to avoid all-or-nothing thinking about investing in CX and how to describe modest returns on modest investments in a way that impresses stakeholders.

11. Why CX Practitioners Need Allies Across the Organization
If we're going to move mountains, CX practitioners need partners and allies in all types of leadership roles. This Unwound Session will discuss how to form business friendships with people in all roles in the company and how to incorporate their influence and perspective into CX efforts.

12. Make 2019 the Year We Exterminate Common CX Fails
We'll never be able to move mountains if we keep making the same old CX mistakes. This Unwound Session will cover three common failures in the customer experience and how to stop making these mistakes right now. It will also explore why companies have continued to make these customer experience mistakes when they know they harm customer satisfaction, retention, and word of mouth. (This session isn’t about why customer experience programs fail; it’s about common failures in customers’ experiences with companies.)

13. Moving Mountains Around the World: Enterprise CX
“Think Global, Act Local” – sounds easy but difficult to achieve. Executing a global CX program where differences in language, resources, cultures, governance, data protection legislation and end to end processes, make it almost impossible to achieve. So how can CX programs serve both the needs of a global HQ and the needs of individual markets?