Learning Labs

Learning Labs showcase current themes, technology and ideaology within the CX space. Hear short presentations from industry leaders within the provider space talk about their products and how they can help you move mountains.
Wednesday, May 15 | 11:10 AM - 11:25 AM 


Zendesk: The Omnichannel Customer Experience Myth
Sabrina Dermody, CX Technology Solutions Consultant at Zendesk

Customers have moved on to a new age, and it’s time for businesses to move with them. We’ve been hearing “omnichannel” for years but too often the solution to providing an Omnichannel experience has become about adding more channels. Newsflash…. That is not how you provide an omnichannel customer experience. Your customer must be in the center of your channels. This means, you have to connect and understand all of your customer data, then build a seamless experience for your customers, agents, and admins, where conversations flow seamlessly across channels.

Your key takeaways from this session include:
  • Customers want their conversations to connect seamlessly like their personal ones: move from chat, to a call, to email without losing any context or flow in the discussion
  • To meet customer expectations, to you need to be able to connect customer data, understand it and build experiences with it for modern customers relationships - all in one platform
Wednesday, May 15 | 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM 

OPINATOR: Driving Value from Customer Experience Management
David Solana, Co-Founder & CMO at OPINATOR

In this presentation by OPINATOR, you will learn how to boost engagement with your audience, identify more precisely and reduce points of customer effort, and get better actionable insights to generate value directly from your VoC, NPS, and CEM Programs.
Thursday, May 16 | 10:50 AM - 11:05 AM


Concentrix: Who Says Surveys Are Dead? They've Evolved - and They're Powerful
Jackie Potts, Director of VOC Strategy at Concentrix

Digital customers move fast – and keeping up can be tough. What if you could get their opinions about your products and services while they’re experiencing them? Imagine the impact if you could improve on those same experiences before they were through! With some simple changes, you can collect customer feedback in a way that more effectively:
  • Shapes brand impressions
  • Drives advocacy, revenue, cost and churn reduction
  • Powers “agile learning” vs. deep insights
In this session, learn about techniques and technologies that turn the “status quo” feedback experience into an outcome-generating asset for your company.
Thursday, May 16 | 1:15 PM - 1:30 PM

Voxpopme: See the People Behind Your Scores with Video
Jon Carbone, Vice President of VideoCX at Voxpopme

VideoCX captures deeper insights into customer and employee experiences - enabling stakeholders across your organization to see, hear and feel customer and employee emotions through agile video feedback. This video-first approach humanizes your data by providing unfiltered access to the “why” behind scores, creating empathy and sharing evidence that demands attention and transforms culture. 

In this session we'll cover best practices for:
  • improving the customer feedback experience
  • humanizing your feedback and get to the true voice of the customer
  • driving empathy with key stakeholders in your organization by sharing powerful insight that demands attention and transforms culture