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2014 CX Innovation Awards

2014 CX Innovation Award Finalists


Akbank T.A.Ş.

Voice of Customer - Daily, Personal and Fascinating!


Akbank has been measuring service quality in branches since 2005. A comprehensive measurement and certification methodology was developed to track the quality of service in all branches.

We believe that when effectively used, feedback is a powerful way to increase motivation on customer experience and to build customer centric skills of our employees. However, the feedback we give to our employees was not timely. The scorecard results were published semi-annually.

So in 2013, we initiated a project to give just in time direct feedback to our employees about customer experience. We targeted to measure daily customer satisfaction and transfer the feedback of the customer to the specific employee who has served the customer.

For daily measurement and feedback we developed a new survey system. By the help of the system, customers getting service from branches and alternative delivery channels are selected randomly and the sample is transferred to operators for satisfaction survey. So the customers receive a call at most the following day of the service (when their experiences are still fresh).

These calls aim to find out customer service level, promoter level, competency of the staff about products, general behavior of the staff etc. As the survey is finalized, results are encoded, controlled in the system and general satisfaction scores are shared daily with the specific branch employee, who has served to the customer, by "notification pop-ups”.

The feedback is specifically designed simple (though the scoring engine behind is complex), and sympathetic since we believe that simple, easy to understand and timely feedback is the key to create employee focus. The notification pop-up displays scores greater than or equal to 3 over 5 appears with a smiley, whereas scores less than 3 points appear with a crying smiley.

Daily results are also been analyzed and reported by customer segments (mass, affluent, small business) and by employee job positions (operation/marketing); then sent to the regional directors and related business units.

Download the Submission Presentation

Customer experience should be embraced. Daily and personal feedback mechanism improved the awareness of customer experience and while doing this, it also generated excitement in branch network. Employees wonder the results every day and try to improve their service quality to get higher scores. Furthermore, business units and regional directors started to track results more than ever and take actions to improve the scores.

In other words, customer experience results have become a competitive fact in the bank.


Customer Experience Assessment

Our innovation is the Customer Experience Assessment tool that assesses the impact a new initiative will have on the customer, based on the proposed experience design. This tool aligns with the brand experience we are committed to deliver as it is grounded in Cigna’s brand attributes. The attributes were derived from extensive research and define what the ideal customer experience looks and feels like (easy, reliable, proactive, personal, empathetic).

The tool ensures every initiative seeking funding is going to positively deliver on each of these key attributes. This tool guarantees that over time all experiences provided by Cigna will deliver on our brand promise.

The assessment tool is embedded in our enterprise-wide project governance process and drives customer-centric decision making. It enables the right conversation with stakeholders to ensure risks to the customer experience are mitigated prior to launch. Project leads are coming to the governance committees excited to share how they will strengthen the impacts their project will have on our customers.

The tool has enabled broad education of these brand attributes. We now hire and measure our employees based on their ability to deliver against them. Overall, the assessment tool is propelling us forward on our customer-centric journey.

Download the Submission Presentation

While the insurance industry is especially complex and challenging as it remains a laggard in the Cx index, the tool is driving real progress in improved experience design. At a strategic level, we can view the impacts the total portfolio of proposed/approved projects will have on the customer and are driving customer centric decision making. This allows us to predict and execute on improved customer satisfaction.

The tool is positively impacting our culture and propelling us forward on our customer-centric path. We are delivering on what we are promising to our customers.

Cisco Systems

Winning with Words


Rapid growth and complex products create problems for customers – even at the most customer-focused businesses. Along the way, we developed a problem with language.

We used jargon to talk with each other. It was reinforced by our success. And spread over time.

Customers had a hard time understanding us. It was bad for the business, sales and our brand. Our brand experience team recognized the problem. And set out to fix it.

We help Cisco use language that's simpler and more distinctive. We think of our audience first and then communicate things that matter to them in ways that they can understand.

It's a big change, We needed a rigorous program to make it happen. And to make it stick.

We created guidelines and playbooks. Translated them into 14 languages. Developed curriculum and a training program. Trained nearly 2000 people worldwide.

We created tools and provided resources to support them. To engage and inspire them, we've presented at thought leadership forums, corporate events and in worldwide television broadcasts.

The great innovation of the program is that it's so simple. We've taken an overlooked, very basic skill and used it to drive a cultural change across a 50 billion dollar company.

Download the Submission Presentation

Whenever we write or speak on behalf of Cisco, we think of our audience first: who are they, what they care about, how can we connect with them and inspire them to act. This improves customer experience across the board and has built a customer first mentality into everything we do.


Listening with the Customer at Heart


Immunizations and the healthcare market pose evolving customer experience challenges in balancing organizational needs, doctor and patient preferences, government regulations and healthcare quality mandates.

As part of bringing the GSK mission to life, the Vaccines Customer Experience team focuses on taking the B2B/B2C GSK experience from an "everyday” vaccine manufacturer experience to a "Beloved” company experience consistent with GSK values and government regulations.

GSK vaccines deployed an innovative listening program, titled Listening with the Customer at Heart. The listening program utilizes multiple touch-points to ensure the voice of the customer is heard. The system strategically employs cross-organizational surveys to our customers, speech/text analytics, monthly listening calls with field sales, and IGNITE, a web-based engagement platform for employees in the field to channel ideas for business improvement and share the voice of the customer. Field members can post ideas for improvement and colleagues can provide suggestions for refining these ideas. We also implemented business improvement processes so that we not only listen, but we "act" on customer insights. Our goal is to ensure the complete customer experience including procurement, administration of vaccines and continuous education is positive. This initiative helps position GSK as leader in delivering customer service excellence.

Download the Submission Presentation

A single negative customer experience can have a major impact on how our customers view our services, products and reputation. Cross industry research reveals that eighty-seven percent of customers state they will never go back to an organization after a negative experience. Actions speak louder than words, and our innovative listening system provides an example of a comprehensive program that continues to provide valuable insights on which we can take action. Keeping the customer at heart helps create a culture within our organization where we earn our customers’ trust and create an extraordinary customer experience that demonstrates we have listened to them and that we understand their needs. While we may not always be able to provide a solution to every customer need, we keep the customer and their patients at the center of our decision making process, and strive to help them meet their immunization objectives.

National Car Rental

In The Driver's Seat: National Car Rental Leads the Way by Collaborating Directly with Consumers


Over the last 3 years, National Car Rental (NCR) has collaborated with the Emerald Exchange, a private online community of 300 loyalty club members, to gain a full understanding of the customer journey and experience. Throughout this engagement, NCR has been able to build meaningful relationships with these valued customers – putting them in the driver’s seat – to help the company improve upon every aspect of their service experience. From executing a comprehensive customer service exploratory across NCR and its competitors, to developing and refining promotions, the Emerald Exchange community has influenced almost every aspect of the service experience for the brand. Examples include: refining Emerald Aisle, a unique offering where members can bypass the rental counter and select their own vehicles without stopping for any paperwork; the launch of "Emerald AlertsSM,” email communications that include Arrival and Return Alerts; and "Drop & GoSM Service” a convenient way for customers to get an e-Receipt without waiting. Based on months of feedback, the Emerald Exchange community was instrumental in National’s launch of its new Mobile App in August 2013. The app isn’t just a reservation engine, but an end-to-end "rental tracker” that follows the life of a customer’s rental, including directions, inventory selection, rewards, roadside assistance, and more. Additionally, the community helped to roll out the Premier Selection upgrade program, which gives customers an opportunity to upgrade their next rental to one of several luxury vehicles.

Download the Submission Presentation

If you give your customers the reins, and allow them to be creative, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish, together. By taking the time to listen and engage with consumers about their goals, priorities, values, motivations, and frustrations, you can design a service, solution or product that actually solves the problems they face. All too often, companies are offering new solutions that consumers don’t even care about, in the spirit of creating big, game-changing breakthroughs. Sometimes it is those smaller, more incremental, changes that create the most impact. It only takes one bad experience for a customer to change providers, so we need to ensure that – no matter how small the interaction – the experience is a good one.

OKC Thunder

CLICK!™ Like A Champion


Our core customer experience initiative continues to be E.E.C. – Educate (training), Evaluate (research) and Congratulate (recognition).

Educate represents our CLICK!™ With Your Guests training program. This service program provides front-line staff with the tools to create memorable Guest experiences.

Evaluate means we use metrically based research and overall fan feedback to determine what we are doing well and what we can do better.

Congratulate includes encouraging staff to continue excelling when caring for customers, our Guests. With more than 600 game-night staff on the front line providing Guest Care, this group has the single greatest positive day-to-day impact on Guests! Hence, we have our Pyramid of Recognition to show appreciation for the care team members provide.

Following the 2012-13 NBA season we realized an opportunity existed to enhance our E.E.C. model. This season we have provided more training opportunities for front-line staff, enhanced evaluation tools for our research programs, added more "in the moment” staff recognition via our newly developed CLICK! Chip Champion Committee and forged greater alignment between our on-boarding and front-line recognition programs.

Specific details are provided in the attached E.E.C. Breakdown document concerning each E.E.C. area enhancement.

Download the Submission Presentation

We believe you have to create something bigger than yourself for your team. Creating a culture where front-line team members are shown how their contributions are appreciated promotes greater consistency and employee buy-in to the service platform, yielding favorable Guest Care results. Striving to be "the most FAN-centric organization in professional sports,” we choose to empower employees by giving them the tools, training and confidence to truly be problem-solvers in the moment.

Pershing LLC

Non-Traditional Use of Text Analytics



Delivering Low Effort Contact Center Experiences


Reliant has focused on the Customer Effort Score, a metric developed by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) that shows by reducing effort, your customers are more likely to stay with you and buy more from you. Some of our internal programs to reduce customer effort include helping reps adapt to different customer personalities, teaching reps how to handle conversations with customers when we can’t honor their request, and creating NRG SimplySmart Training Zone™ where reps can practice skills off the floor in a near-real but safe environment. Some of our customer-facing programs to reduce effort include our Weekly Summary Emails that give customers a greater sense of control over their electricity use and our bill notifications where customers can request to receive a proactive communication if their bill exceeds a specific amount.

Download the Submission Presentation

Feelings matter. The CEB low effort research shows that 2/3 of effort is comprised of how a customer feels; 1/3 is what the customer has to physically do. This surprised us at first, but after putting into practice many aspects of the low effort research and developing low effort programs of our own, we can validate that how a customer feels after interacting with your company truly does impact the company’s results.

Ricoh Americas Corporation

Ricoh expands and improves relationship with dealers through increased commitment, and focus on the dealers specific business needs


Ricoh Americas Corp. has dramatically improved its relationship with the dealers of its office equipment, whom we are considering the customers for this award submission.

Background: Three years ago, Ricoh made a series of major acquisitions that changed their infrastructure and shifted the dynamic with their dealers. As a result, Ricoh recognized a need to reevaluate its dealer relationships and worked to build an enhanced partnership.

Innovative initiative: Ricoh refocused its attention on its dealer partners, with whom the company had worked closely for years. Through a series of investments– a national dealer council, new dealer portal, resource sharing, an acquisition and old-fashioned relationship building – Ricoh has dramatically improved its relationship with dealers. Dealers have the numbers to prove it.

Download the Submission Presentation

Individual dealer business plans. The time, effort and attention required of us to create these plans perfectly demonstrate the commitment we made to our dealers. It has been extremely valuable to put that commitment in writing, and. Not only did we regain dealers' trust, but the exercise has already delivered business results and promises further gains for years to come.

Safelite AutoGlass

Mobile Technicians App Streamlines Customer Experience


To equip Safelite’s technicians with the proper support to provide mobile service, the IT team developed a proprietary software initially in 2007 that is loaded onto techs’ smartphones. Beginning in 2011, the IT team set out to 1) enhance the software for better functionality and 2) update the handheld devices to a more user-friendly model. The third iteration of MRM and the new smartphones was rolled out in 2013.

MRM3 features everything a technician needs to provide an exceptional customer experience on the road. The flexible, event-driven workflow streamlines technicians’ day. The home screen displays their daily work order list and map view to each location. The daily manifest can be changed as needed by the technician. They can start each job by collecting basic customer information and completing a digital pre-inspection of damage supported by photographs. They can update parts used for better customer records. And they can close with a safe, secure payment.

Download the Submission Presentation

Safelite’s MRM3 software with its On-The-Way text pilot program represents a new paradigm in how mobile service professionals interact with customers. Driven directly from customer feedback, MRM3 allows Safelite to communicate exactly what our customers want to know at the precise time they want to know it, in the way in which they prefer.

First, it utilizes the use of smartphones to deliver a consistent experience to the customer regardless of the Safelite technician’s location. By adding only one tap of the screen, Safelite has empowered its technicians with a tool that sets the stage for a satisfying conclusion to the customer’s overall experience. As our customers are already coming to us after they’ve been inconvenienced with glass damage, the sending of a timely and informative text message demonstrates that we greatly value our customers’ time. This goes a long way in resetting our customers’ emotional state prior to their service.


Improve Customer Experience through Reduced Cancellations


SAS built a statistical model to predict the likelihood of customers canceling their product licenses. Subsequently, SAS implemented a process for our customer advocates to prioritize outreach to customers based on individual customers’ needs, as predicted by the model. The customer advocates then contact customers proactively, to assist them in using our products. This saves SAS money by more effectively targeting our customer outreach and by more effectively identifying the customers who have a higher chance of canceling. This, in turn, helps our customers by ensuring their investment in our software is solid – and therefore enhances their overall customer experience.

Download the Submission Presentation

By incorporating a predictive element into a process supported by our customer advocates, we are able to address potential issues in our customer’s journey BEFORE they become an issue thus improving the overall customer experience. Customers who need more attention are more likely to get more attention, without knowing that a predictive model was used to identify them. From the customer’s point of view, SAS simply reached out at an opportune time to help them get more ROI from our products.

"Whether it is coordinating efforts to find the right resource to solve an issue, educating the user base, or keeping us informed of new SAS offerings, the Customer Advocate Team helps us make better use of our SAS investment.” Health Service Company (prefers to remain anonymous)

Shop Direct

Customer Experience – A Strategic Approach


In January 2013, a customer focused strategy, purpose and vision were launched to reflect a changing digital world: Make good things accessible to more people. To support, we wanted clarity on where we needed to improve our customer experience; switched from CSI to NPS and worked with a third party to establish customer priorities. For the first time, these customer priorities were led by business owners and used our bespoke verbatim database to determine the root causes to concentrate improvements on. Over 300 improvements have been delivered in the calendar year since NPS launched and the list continues.

Shop Direct’s CX program is underpinned by a communications and engagement program, whose objective is to drive cultural change through encouraging customer centric behavior. The program drives continuous communications campaigns across the business including visual displays, email updates, intranet, ‘Yammering’, securing airtime in all major business and departmental briefings, and by engaging thousands of people across three continents with events focusing on Customer Experience. We have also built a group wide employee engagement program designed to capture issues or ideas to improve the customer experience, giving every individual a voice to make change in Shop Direct

Download the Submission Presentation

Our communication and engagement program includes several initiatives in place to allow colleagues to ‘Get Closer to our Customers’ at their desk, at briefings, out and about via Yammer, at days out at operational sites and of course by shopping with our brands. However, we’ve taken it one step further by transforming meeting rooms into ‘Digital Customer Rooms’. These rooms project real time feeds from social media to show what our customers are really saying about our brands, and contain all of the latest information on NPS and our customer priorities. Colleagues can also listen to real customer complaint calls via headsets, enabling them to experience first-hand the pain that customers go through when things go wrong. At Shop Direct we can now see, hear and understand our customers, whilst continuing to focus on making good things accessible to more people!

Siemens Building Technologies

Engineering Innovative Experiences


Our Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiative titled "Engineering Innovative Experiences” is a core principal of our business and a daily practice for our employees. This program includes a well-defined end-to-end workflow process that has the customer’s voice embedded in every step of the way. We act as a trusted partner and maintain open communications with our customers to ensure that we address their needs through a closed-loop process.

This fiscal year we introduced the first Customer Excellence Report that focuses completely on the feedback received from our customers and how we integrated their voice into everything we do. The award winning Executive Videos (2013 BRONZE STEVIE® Award for Best P.R. Video Annual Report) to personalize the customer experience and award-winning Customer Excellence Web Portal(2013 BRONZE STEVIE® Award for Best Customer-Focused Website in the Manufacturing industry) are dedicated exclusively to our customers focusing on feedback, webinars, tradeshows, and personalized customer events.

We reward creativity, innovation, experience and success through the newly implemented Excellence in Action program. Designed to recognize employees whose exceptional performance has been acknowledged by our customers, the program is one way of thanking our front-line employees for their contribution to the company’s success.

Download the Submission Presentation

Internal and external marketing communications strategies: Our actions had a defined impact and we increased the visibility of our customer communications and the program it represents, positioning Siemens as a clear industry leader by:

  • Connecting customer excellence with Siemens’ Business Strategy and Growth
  • Effective Stakeholder Engagement
  • Using resources more efficiently, tracking and reporting on all communications touch points
  • Demonstrate exemplary customer communications and service performance
  • Market engagement and leadership

We rolled out the program internally within the first 90 days to all 7,500 U.S. employees of the Building Technologies division, and armed them with information and tools to help carry this message to our customers.

Thomson Reuters

SPARK Leadership conference


Each year, the tax & accounting division of Thomson Reuters holds a senior leadership conference to focus on business strategy, growth opportunities, and best practices. In 2012 and 2013, our Managing Director Brian Peccarelli focused these meetings on Customer Excellence, and we used this as an opportunity to share the Customer Experience (CX) program framework with senior leaders, teach and practice CX skills, uncover innovative ideas to drive the program forward, and generate enthusiasm for the program.

The SPARK conference is held to focus the business leaders on identifying and delivering innovation to improve our customers’ experiences. In 2013, the 3-day conference was held in the Carrollton, TX divisional headquarters of tax & accounting, and was attended by 100 leaders from across the business – and across the globe. In addition to the in person attendees, we used our company’s intranet to include the entire 6,000+ employee base – through interactive report outs to employees. Employee questions and comments were scrolled on a large screen in the main conference room throughout the conference.

There were three main breakout topics for discussion: What is a Moment of Truth for our customers, What will you do to maximize the journey for our customers, and What commitment will you make to engage your co-workers in delighting our customers. In addition we had 10 teams, including the managing directors of each of our businesses, conduct Customer Journey mapping sessions focused on Onboarding new customers, a critical journey for our customers.

The direct involvement of our senior leadership team in our Customer Excellence efforts signals to our employees and our customers that Thomson Reuters is serious about understanding and improving customer experiences.

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